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‘The Smoking Moor’ By Peder Mørk Mønsted 1898 {{PD}}

The 10th Is A Good Day To . . . remain aware we are so focused on our goals today, so filled with ambition and desire, so trying to make progress happen, that we may inadvertently harm or even destroy relationships and/ or sources of support, assets, and income. Love is purged, somehow, but it’s up to us whether that means we purify our intent toward others, or unwisely take an axe to what means the most to us (or to what or whom cares the most about us). If we are careful, we can pursue aims and further ambitions to a startling degree–just make sure you don’t behave in such a way that there is an ‘aftermath’ to clean up.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.