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‘Radha and Krishna in the Boat of Love’ Artist Unknown 1755 {{PD}}

The 5th Is A Good Day To . . . realize that today we wake up aligned in some important way. The highest values and ideals inform the Soul, the identity, and the purpose, and offer us an unerring compass, at least for today. Concentrate efforts on what and who you care about–all else pales by comparison.

By the 6th we are in a good position to focus the instincts on discovering what health matters need attention. Remember that ‘health’ is a broad term that can be applied to almost any life area, though current transiting contacts indicate that physical and emotional comfort and care will figure prominently–if you see a need, do something about it. One rather large caution also comes forward: we may be severely tempted to do the unwise or impractical thing either in relationships or with money–obviously, step away from that cliff! Stick to the safe move, the modest investment, and the reasonable interaction; spending to try to prove our love, wasting money in an attempt to impress (others or ourselves), or buying trouble with a loved one out of a sheer sense of contrariness are all possible. Just don’t.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.