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‘The Iceberg’ By Frederic Edwin Church 1875 {{PD}}

The 8th Is A Good Day To . . . surprise yourself with your own understanding, knowledge, abilities, or insight, particularly as you express it through channels of empowerment and responsibility. In this last day before Mercury stations in preparation for once again going direct, our thoughts seem to be all hard-edged and communications may feel like deliberate provocations; it’s in taking a Higher Mind approach (that is, a viewpoint that if not seeing the larger reasons for things, at least is aware that those exist, that what we’re seeing and experiencing is that bit of the iceberg that bobs above the ocean’s surface) that we get some perspective and so aren’t swept into angry, irritated, or aggressive responses ourselves. Important point: don’t expect to necessarily reason out why things are the way they are right now; it needs to be enough that we know we can’t see the whole dynamic from here. Focus too intently on the underpinnings, and our vision goes all blurry–it’s a safety issue, keeping us from dwelling on areas that will distract us, bleed our energy, or confuse (the presence of the latter pretty reliably indicates what M. Scott Peck characterized as ‘evil’–and nobody needs to fill their consciousness with that in order to avoid it). Then, allow yourself to show your most original, unique, and inventive characteristics and abilities, and so find delight in being alive–and have a great day!

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.