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‘Celebration of Earth, Air, Fire and Water’ By William Johnstone 1974 GMA 1313 – National Galleries of Scotland {{PD}}

The 27th Is A Good Day To . . . tap in to your spontaneity. It’s a time to celebrate your own uniqueness, to embrace what’s surprising or unusual, to trot out your own most original ideas and qualities, and the result will likely be some stunning opportunity, some worthy creative mojo, and the ability to fine-tune change while honoring all you revere. Beware of: being mislead, particularly by any ‘lens’ you may place over relationships, financial or social situations, or in relation to who you are at core; also consider that thinking and action are fundamentally at odds, which could mean our best course is to act only on those original or creative impulses that we’ve already kicked around for awhile. Action can (and should) carry the spontaneous impetus of ‘in the moment’, but should also reflect some concept, function, or role that truly reflects the Soul.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.