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Scarlet skimmer at Keitakuen in Osaka, June, 2016.

The 10th Is A Good Day To . . . be ready for a shock, surprise, accident, revelation. Events turn on the unexpected, what the group wants may clash with our ideas of how it should be, and we may be shook up by our own erratic, original, or subversive thoughts. The mind is unreliable, perceptions are tricky, and the senses may pull the rug out from under us–and the worst part may be that, try as we might to discern the facts or apply our beliefs, we find only marginal success. How to handle this? We should do as we do when signifier of the mental processes and perceptions, Mercury, goes retrograde: we concentrate on the feeling nature, on funneling perceptions so that emotional reactions become our language. The Taurus Moon will help ground us through material input, emphasizing comfort and the language of sensation, taste, smell, appetite; 11 AM-7 PM PDT the Moon will be in the vicinity of Uranus, surprising us through our surroundings and sensory experience, highlighting the availability of information through the feelings and intuition.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.