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‘The Royal Yacht Squadron’s schooner Modwena dressed overall offshore’ By Antonio de Simonec1920 {{PD}}

The 13th Is A Good Day To . . . vow not to make yourself a target. The inclination may be to try and inflict your Will on those in power; you know you’re right, and they should acknowledge that and change–your idea or methodology is simply better! Unfortunately, they just won’t see it that way, and since they hold the power . . . you could end up wearing a big ol’ bullseye, soon to be fired upon.

You may also find that the power to ‘fire when ready’ is yours, most particularly if ‘the facts’ are on your side. In any event, opportunities to change the distribution of power in your sphere will exist–in which case the question becomes, how do you hit your target, without becoming one yourself?

The answer is, you might not be able to–and that needs to be okay, for now. To continue this tiresome symbolism, keep your powder dry and wait for opportunities–because those will come sooner than you anticipate, and you need to be ready.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.