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‘Parti fra Vejle’ By Constantin Hansen 1853 {{PD}}

The 17th Is A Good Day To . . . accept change, accept expansion, accept the facts, accept the original thought, accept ‘the message’ at the center of everything. The ‘real deal’, a knowing about the Truth of things, is available to us today; receiving it only requires a mind quieted enough to lack resistance to reality–not necessarily easily done, but an admirable goal nonetheless. We may, courtesy of the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury and the Dark of the Moon, be able to simply absorb that Truth. Succeed at getting out of your own way, and you’ll have a better understanding of authority, power, and privilege, and a vision of how You, as a part of the Universe, fit in. Hints for success: don’t reject authority, power, the status quo, or current circumstances without having a clear and particularized vision of what can and should replace it–this is a warning that to be a rebel has two parts, getting rid of the old and creating anew–it can’t just be tearing down, which is the part most of us seize upon and never move past–and both creativity and deception lurk in the areas of ambition and desire fulfillment, and it’s important to sort the false from the true as we reach for our goals; otherwise we can be led seriously astray, and so lose today’s chance to accumulate a little mojo.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

Here’s tomorrow’s New Moon–