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‘The Cook’ By Bernardo Strozzi c1625 {{PD}}

The 4th Is A Good Day To . . . stir things up by doing the unexpected, by being willing to reassess the past, open to seeing values and commitments in a refreshed light, and by knowing that the urge to action must be vetted through both the values and what you ‘know but don’t know’; to ignore either, or to pursue something you know to be impractical or unwise, would mean you lose the benefits that being consciously more tuned in and yet simultaneously more ready to take things in an unanticipated direction can and will confer.

Don’t be afraid of the basic and age-old conflicts between seeming opposites that may come up now, either. Don’t tie yourself in knots trying to maintain what you may see as your ‘traditional’ position. Instead realize that effectively dealing with (and so disarming) the opposition rests in not butting heads in the same old ways. Once again, stir it up, do the unexpected but smart, and new more effective ways of being and interacting open up to you.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.