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The 6th Is A Good Day To . . . try not to take obstructions to your Will to heart; they aren’t personal, though they’ll likely feel so, as Venus enters Leo and, as we say in the interrogation game, gets our ‘egos up’. It will appear things we’re actually fully empowered to do, have, or be will in some way be denied us, but you need to know, this denial is about the larger, structural issues that are frustrating a lot of movement or action, not just yours. Too, it may seem that partners or others with whom we have interdependent relationships may be the culprits (Juno in Libra) but again, this is a perceptual quirk, and/ or is really about a larger systemic barrier that could be causing a similar pressure to others, and this can be expected to travel up and down a hierarchy or ‘line’ of responsibility or authority, making it appear to be the fault of individuals, when most often it’s a manifestation of a broader set of suppressive circumstances. Stay cool; responding in exaggerated or off-the-cuff ways will only be digging yourself a small hole to climb out of later.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.