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Alexandre Louis – Album de photo de Marcel Louis 1910 {{PD}}

The 9th Is A Good Day To . . . keep your limbs and head inside the car! Were you ever driving along on a road trip that seemed to last forever, driving, driving, and idly put your hand out the window to watch it caught and buffeted by the wind, and had an adult (for you were only a child, just trying to stay occupied) yell at you, ‘Get your arms inside this car! Do you want them cut off as we pass that truck?!’ That’s this Mars retro in a nutshell: the perpetual threat of sudden limb (or is it head?) loss, over re-visiting recent issues surrounding temper, aggression, assertion, recent choices or actions, or Will. The vehicle is ourselves, and Mars is the fuel, deploying it the issue. And of course, losing your Aries-ruled noggin can have two forms: one is if others come at us and ‘take our heads off’ over something, and the other is if we lose control of ourselves. Both are distinct possibilities.

I like to look at the point when a body officially turns retrograde, as it seems to give us a snapshot of what the course of the retro promises (particularly what the early part holds in store). This happens at 3:23 PM PDT of the 9th at 28 Aries 08, but we’ve probably already gotten a preview as Mars slowed to a crawl then standstill in recent days. Late in Aries, his own sign, Mars is likely already beginning to chafe without the anticipated retro; the stress of reaching the end of the window for perfect personal expression, the kind that recognizes no boundaries and no need for cooperation or thought of others, and having that window shut (sending Mars into Taurus, a realm where Will matters not nearly so much as material reality and security) would have in any case have been causing excessive unrest, especially if one is feeling that the ‘I Am’ statements or expression of the Will hasn’t been as complete or successful as hoped. So, there would be a bit of an issue anyway, and along comes apparent retro status to offer the dissatisfied and over-anxious a chance to re-visit choices and efforts–which situation inevitably adds its own stress, as individuals feel the pressure of just one more chance to get ‘it’ right.

Mars is itself Void at this point, as it would make no other aspects (though we do observe that the Moon would soon sextile it, it matters not, as the Moon, too, would be Void by then). Void status adds a huge amount of stress as it signals energy in stasis, a status doubly difficult for a Self-starter like Mars. The implication is that while traversing the sign a Void body did all it could in that sign–and now must wait for a new ‘style’ (the next sign) to once again find expression. Mars, then, begins his retro highly frustrated–and looking for outlets.

The first aspect made by the retrograde body seems to ‘set the tone’ for the retro period. Here it’s an opposition to Juno in Libra that suggests empowerment within partnership or cooperative arrangements will face a climax or crisis point, when who has the ‘right’ (a very Aries word!) to do what within the situation is sorted out. Straightforward enough, yes? Then we see a quincunx to the Sun on the 19th, suggesting what’s been revealed so far during the retro requires adjustment to what we pay attention to, matters of identity, or both. Right after the Sun moves into Libra (relationships are great! isn’t everything pretty? don’t we all get along wonderfully!?) and less than a week after the quincunx Mars conjoins the Black Moon Lilith point, suggesting that our optimism about working it all out with others may have been overly rosy, premature, or just plain wishful thinking.

But it’s the next thing, a Cardinal T-square with Mars-BML opposed Mercury and all square Saturn in Capricorn, that brings it all home. Those things about our choices or actions that we’ve ignored, been in denial about, or that have been perpetrated out of suppressed rage (or that have stirred rage in others) is communicated from without (probably directly from others with whom we are in relationships or cooperative arrangements–Merc in Libra), and it makes for real-world conflict (especially with authorities or established entities that are seen as ‘legitimate’ or supported by the status quo), crises over boundaries, restrictions, or rules, or bottom-line practicalities we can’t get around that may generate ‘next steps’ and/ or arise from our actions and others’ reactions to them.

By Nasjonalbiblioteket from Norway – Livet paa Mars / Life on Mars, No restrictions, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=60741535

So, hands, arms, and especially heads inside the car; know that your ‘drive’, whether literal or figurative, needs special care and attention, particularly when it comes to interaction and responsibilities shared with others. Being honest with ourselves about our own and others’ prerogatives, territory, and motivations will go a long way toward keeping us safely on the road, avoiding any fiery, temper-induced upsets.

If it’s any consolation, on the 9th the Sun also trines Jupiter=reach out, take opportunities, be optimistic, learn from what comes at you, and enjoy the day. We’ll have plenty of others that will be not-so-smooth, so rest and celebrate while and what you can.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.