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‘Destiny’ By John William Waterhouse 1900 {{PD}}

The 14th Is A Good Day To . . . let go of the past! Especially those parts that distorted our Self-image, that have kept us (so far) from being as closely connected to manifesting our Soul’s intents as we’d like. Sometimes we hide from ourselves, not really wanting to see the path we were born to take–and I’m not saying that there are only one right set of steps for each individual, I’m saying that there’s an overall aim we carry within, one that makes the absolute most of who we are–and that it’s not unusual for the awesomeness of that purpose (the spiritual intensity of it, that is!) to unconsciously overwhelm us, prompting a kind of hide-and-seek with our own destiny. That’s no way to spend your life energy, your potential, your days.

Though our minds might try to sabotage us, just a little (skipping away too easily from matters we have chosen to ignore or deny), today we actually have the capacity to see exactly what needs to change (or needs to be stripped away entirely) to make us more genuine versions of ourselves–all it takes is a willingness to listen to our instincts, and a wee drop of courage.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.