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Today’s not the day to ask, ‘What’s in the box?’ Even if we get an answer, we won’t interpret it correctly. ‘Portrait of a Girl with a Patch Box’ By Philippe Mercier 1760 {{PD}}

The 23rd Is A Good Day To . . . see that lines of reasoning around what’s ideal, what’s worthy, even what’s real, aren’t functioning as they should; clarity eludes us and our own thoughts, especially about what we want, what’s worth keeping or seeking, are difficult to grasp or generate barriers and ‘reasons why’ we should or shouldn’t go forward. The result is a kind of limbo we may not be aware we’re in! Creativity may suffer, as we throw out the masterpiece or take efforts in an untenable direction, and our sense of what’s possible is distinctly distorted, erring toward the pessimistic and the suppressive.

The best option is to take a step back and make no big, definitive moves just yet. Just one day from now a Finger of God forms, with base of Neptune-Pluto, apex Venus. This ought to help us define for ourselves on the 24th and 25th what matters, specifically what needs to go and what matches the ideal, especially creatively, and so should go forward. Until that point we can’t imagine what we really need to, can’t figure out what to measure it against. See your thoughts today as not fully formed or informed, and have the courage to wait.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.