‘Le Bal des Marins‘ By
Eugène Jansson 1912 {{PD}}

It’s Friday the 13th and Mars stations direct! At long last, the Warrior resumes apparent forward motion. Direction happens without any direct contact to other bodies–and so may feel disconnected from surrounding events. That is, we may feel a ‘loosening up’ of energy and a resumption of forward motion, especially in matters of the House in the natal chart where Mars is currently transiting and in matters of the natal House Mars rules, but otherwise these may not connect to current happenings in our lives. At this point it may be a ‘So what? That doesn’t help!’ feeling, or one where the potentials for gaining momentum remain theoretical, for now.

And what does this mean, happening on Friday the 13th? Absolutely nothing! Our numbering of the days isn’t related to anything, other than the whole ‘365 in a year, and a leap day once every 4 years’, marking the actual movement of the planet around the Sun. Other than that, the numbering of days, as well as the naming of days of the week, are simply human constructs, and hold no meaning. The reality is, if you look for negative events, anticipating something because of an arbitrary negative designation, you will surely find them–but that in no way suggests that the designation is the cause of the negative event.

The 13th also promises rewards, if we play it right, and offers one pitfall. The pitfall first: rigidity in values expression and/ or in thinking can be misleading and cause unwise decisions (Mercury sesq Neptune, Vesta sesq Pallas). And the rewards? Those are obtained by valuing the future (acting with the idea that you’re building what’s to come–Venus trine NN), exercising creative agency (Neptune trine Juno), and by adding the unique voice and viewpoint in those areas where your commitment is solid (Uranus trine Vesta). Overall for today, take a positive attitude, one where you’re willing to invest in what really matters–and let everything else go.

On the 14th the rubber meets the road, as they say, and that promises that, if we remain focused on positive and productive change that centers on ambition fulfillment, we get very good results (Sun sxt Pluto and Jupiter, Venus conj Zeus). Those ambitions you’ve put genuine and legitimate work into will pay off–if you don’t get the expected benefit, you can be sure it’s because you only thought what you were doing was an adequate investment–let this be your warning that something in your thinking, assessment capability, or method must change (Mercury sesq NN).

Too, what has changed of late will be glaringly apparent–the Sun spotlights things so they can’t be missed (unless all our energy goes into not seeing)–so be invested in responding to this ‘new’ reality, rather than trying to cling to the past.

The 15th brings conflict in relationships or over finances (Venus sq Pluto and Jupiter). We may find transformed circumstances that call for our sensitive and responsive-to realities adjustment. Our choices are: face the need for changes, or set up a stand-off. Be aware of a couple of things: thinking is off right now, influenced by hurt and so alienated from our highest values–meaning judgment at this time is off, as well; and what’s smart will be highlighted, pointed out to us, or otherwise be prominent–so take the hint (Mercury qnx Chiron and contra-parallel Vesta, Sun sxt Pallas).

By the 16th we have to face it: some facet of our financial stance or in our attitude in one or more relationships has to change; allow values to guide, in spite of the way they may point out how we’ve been at fault (Venus sq Pallas and semi-sq Vesta).

Post on the New Moon of the 14th to follow tomorrow.