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‘Big Mouth Boat in Liberty State Park, NJ’ Photo By
Ludovic Bertron 2009 CC BY 2.0

On the 8th, words could dig deep, carry destructive undertones, be delivered with the dark shadows that lie behind them peeking through, or could transform us–and this goes both directions, both what we communicate and what’s communicated to us. It’s Mercury parallel Pluto, so more subtle than we might expect–and potentially more serious, in terms of creating, possibly inadvertently, permanent or irrevocable change. This can also lend thoughts and reasoning the ability to x-ray matters and see to their essence, but can also make for unnecessarily pessimistic takes on current matters. Words have power right now, and even the unspoken surges with the power to alter or destroy, so take care with what you put out there, and be aware of the deeper undercurrent, the menacing shadow, or the potential seeds of big, serious change carried within each and every message.

For the 9th optimism may swell to bursting–but we should note it’s definitely not accompanied by a clear or straightforward creative urge–our sunny disposition could seriously mislead us (Sun sq Neptune)–so that if we try to ignore or skip over problems in implementing ‘the dream’ we may tie ourselves in a knot, or worse, bite off way more than we can chew (and when that happens, we choke!) Excess, especially material excess, is in the air with Jupiter in Capricorn closing in to perfect a conjunction to Saturn, aspecting Sedna by trine and receiving a semi-square from Mercury and a novile from the Sun. This means we see the opportunity in things, but may not be willing to think it through or to listen to what we ‘know but don’t know’, to incorporate that ‘blind spot’ material that we desperately need to take into account. Do your best and make tentative plans, ones that stick to current rules while still considering the potential for taking innovative turns later.

The 10th sees change happen whether we like it or not. Winners see and deal with what is, are flexible in attitude, and quick to go with the current that carries those inevitable transformative energies so that through participation they can exert an influence. Winners are tuned in to reality, listen to their own instincts, and are willing to do what’s necessary to make change as smooth as possible; losers fight it all and, well, lose (Mars parallel Sedna, Venus sxt Pluto, Mercury nov Pluto, parallel SN, and semi-sq Saturn, Sun parallel Mercury, nov Saturn, and trine Mars).