‘Woman Holding a Balance’ By
Johannes Vermeer c1664 {{PD}}

Catch the report for the Solar eclipse of the 14th here–

Real life is inconvenient, isn’t it? And why oh why, Friday the 11th, are your influences so difficult to balance, so irritating, and why are we so annoyed by others? We think we’re sassy (Mars trine SN, Sun conj and parallel SN, the latter something that happens during eclipse season) when we may really be lashing out based on old hurts; we’re hyper-sensitive, too, going out of our way to protect all those raw spots we’d rather not acknowledge (Vesta parallel Black Moon Lilith) and that’s not smart (Vesta sesq Pallas) as it puts our reactive responses (and our vulnerabilities) on display. How to handle this? Talk it out, communicate, even if our thoughts aren’t especially coherent or if our feelings about things are messy (Mercury trine Hygeia). Problems come when we think our empowerment rests on following our instincts–but today those instincts are either inaccessible or distorted by unrecognized feeling (Juno opp Sedna)–so talk, write, send ‘the message’, concentrate on expressing–that will alleviate tension, probably keep us from getting into it with others, and may reveal ourselves to ourselves, in ways that at other times may be hard to come by.

Something to keep in mind as we approach the Solar eclipse: we’re in Dark of the Moon territory, which means the Lunar impetus behind much of what we do is missing–and that can impart its own sense of drifting, unreality, and ungroundedness to proceedings. Not a time to start anything new, and also not a time to try to pin down our own or others’ feelings. Be kind, be (carefully) receptive, and note what floats in and out of both your own consciousness and your world, as this can give helpful hints to what’s bubbling up from the unconscious or currently hidden from view.

The 12th can be met by following two guidelines (or maybe we should call them warnings): 1) don’t communicate anything that conflicts with your genuine deepest values–it’s not smart, and may get you into circumstances or commitments you will be unwilling or unable to continue (Mercury sq Vesta and semi-sq Pallas); and 2) every single thing before us today, every single item highlighted, spotlighted, or illuminated for us will reflect something we need to attend to, recognize, deal with, or accept (Sun sesq Black Moon Lilith). Don’t look away, and don’t betray your own standards–thus endeth today’s admonitions.

On the 13th our own beliefs or philosophies may be stronger than ‘the facts’, which we will almost certainly misunderstand (Mercury sq Neptune and nov Jupiter); this can be good, if faith is called for, but disastrous if we embrace fiction at the expense of reality. Overall, we may be resistant to the real-world situation in relationships and/ or finances, out of a mistaken idea that this is the way to preserve our power and influence (Venus opp Sedna and parallel Ceres), and we have a complicated relationship to ourselves, as well, being knocked off balance by our own erraticism or originality (Sun sesq Uranus) or by the unexpected or by accident, even as we see the options for ambition fulfillment in the upset, and can pinpoint what’s really smart, if we’re open to admitting or acknowledging it (Sun sxt Zeus and nov Pallas). So, it’s a mixed bag where we’re required to walk a tightrope of sorts; results depend on how quickly we can respond to the winds of change, as well as how invested we are in seeing things a particular way, versus in the most objective one.