By Pravin Mishra – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

You’re not a creature in a body./ You exist as the stars exist,/ participating in their stillness, their immensity. from ‘Telescope’ by Louise Glück

Just stepping in to let you know that I’m no longer doing work for individual clients. Though I’ve had a wonderful time working with so many of you, the end is here. But, those who still have already paid for Horaries awaiting them, or those I’ve already told to contact me or with whom I’ve still got obligations, don’t hesitate to get in touch when you need to. I’m working hard to finish the Moon book, but it just keeps growing! What’s that about? Every time I think I’ve wrangled an angle, up comes another thing that I think, ‘Oh! Can’t not cover this.’ So.

And speaking of the stars and lights and planetary bodies, a couple of small things catch my attention and seem worthy of sharing. We have Pluto trine Sedna in Earth signs=a breakdown of those things that wall us off from what we ‘know but don’t (consciously) know’, a purging of detritus that may have gathered around our instinctual knowledge and responses, freeing up alignment of understanding with The Truth, whatever that may be. This offers a powerful re-making, and simultaneously we see Mercury trine Zeus in Air, giving us the opportunity to have a clear mental conduit for ambition and desire expression. Do actively address these energies, because in a week the transiting Sun moves to the midpoint of Pluto-Sedna, illuminating the Truth and Instinct situation–and if you’ve done the required housecleaning and mental ordering, you’ll have a chance to see the results–that is, a manifestation of the clarity you have (or haven’t) brought to goals, aims, and the things you want. And, Venus makes her conjunction to the Sun on 24 March, after chasing Sol into Aries–which should bring another point when all that housekeeping will pay off, in spite of the awkwardness of Venus having to ‘show her stuff’ in a sign that encourages her to be less-than-subtle.