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Lichtkunstwerk „Silberne Frequenz“ (Otto Piene, 1970/71, Neukonzeption 2012/14) Photo By Dietmar Rabich, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=89122065

Just a few notes on aspects in play this weekend, for your consideration.

On Friday the 18th the trines prevail, to include one between Venus and Neptune-Pallas (the entire period, growing in strength), one between retro Mercury and Saturn, and one between the Sun and Jupiter (stronger each day). Should be wonderful, right? Love and wise ideals work together, we ‘get the message’ (probably in images or feelings, because Merc retro) from the reality picture (and bonus, we are able to ‘control the message’ we convey, a rarity during this part of the Merc cycle), and the sun shines on opportunities, which are abundant. But, to make this all work best, we need to be aware of a few other details: those sunny opportunities may arise out of some unpleasant or hurtful situations–so try to rise above the hurt (instead of just reacting) to see how we can learn, grow, heal, or use our gifts (Jupiter novile Chiron); dreams can become reality right now–and so can nightmares, so use your oh-so-powerful imagination in positive ways (Saturn novile Neptune); and for the entire weekend, be aware of how the past is influencing your actions and choices, and make that work for you, rather than against (Mars approaching trine to the South Node).

For the 19th, two things stand out: the Sun sesquiquadrates Saturn, and Saturn squares and Earth sesquiquadrates Uranus. Suddenly, there are problems, where the way seemed smooth before. It may appear that reality is throwing up roadblocks and material matters are not just unpredictable–it may even feel like inanimate objects are opposing us! All these ‘Stop’ signs are really just ‘Slow’ signs, meant to curb precipitous, headlong progress and make it both safer and more carefully considered. Pay attention and take your time; accidents and shocks will be your indication that you’re pushing too hard, too fast.

Sunday the 20th things may seem a bit tense. Identity crises are a dime a dozen, and fears about our material future, and who will accompany us there, may get the upper hand. These are passing perceptions, born of particular stresses that have been around for a while but are soon to ‘break’, like a fever or a wave. That should tell you that these worries are, well, nothing to worry about! If you do start percolating, get busy with something soothing or creative, as upset now is simply a sign of energy that needs channeling to a worthy destination.

Pluto trine Sedna, Pallas at the midpoint, has been around the whole weekend, but now it seems to come into focus,on Monday, the 21st. Though the Pluto-Sedna contact could read as, ‘ too easy destruction fueled by the suppressed, the instinctive, or what we know but don’t acknowledge’, Pallas at the midpoint of the two says that what is eliminated, changed, transformed, or given power is steered by the inner wisdom, and/ or the sense of practicality. That doesn’t mean what goes down will be seamless or even pleasant, but it does mean that even inadvertently triggered events, encounters, and ‘wars’ will have a smart, ‘house cleaning’ effect, as the world or others offer us the chance to shape our circumstances more to our liking, no matter how random or unanticipated it all seems. Also, the Sun enters Cancer, Earth enters Capricorn, making the feelings a little more tender, material matters a little more cut-and-dried.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Photo By Callan Carpenter

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Killer Whales Hunting a Seal.jpg 2018

Your Weekend Word Image is a scene from a dream: a choppy bay is filled with dolphins colored like orcas (killer whales). The setting is emotional (water), chop suggesting disturbance or turmoil. This points us astrologically toward Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus, all currently in Water signs, to be joined at the end of the forecast period by the Sun–which tells us be patient, illumination will come, if we don’t immediately understand.

Dolphins are intelligent mammals, like us, but potentially even smarter–so, we’re looking at an emotional scenario filled with what seem to be ‘regular’ people. But, and it’s a big one, these individuals have coloration suggesting another animal altogether–and I translate that as them actually being quite aggressive, even predators, in their own way, trying to pass themselves off as reasoned individuals, a ‘we’re just alike, you and me’ that they are signaling is untrue, if we are clear enough (that is, unemotional enough) to see. Hint: your clue that someone is running a number may be that they portray the matter as ‘black and white’, mimicking the coloration of the orca–stark, with no in-between.

Or, these could be intelligent, reasoned others who want to seem more formidable than they are. They try to convince you they are more dangerous, aggressive, or battle-ready than they in reality are–which could leave you in a bad spot if you’re counting on their assertiveness or support.

Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus speak in broad terms to opportunity and knowledge, dreams and illusions, and relationships and finances–all areas where it’s vital to see ‘the Truth’. When the Sun arrives in Cancer on Monday, we should be able to discern precisely the genuine shapes and intents of situations, and the others who people them.