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‘The Harvest Moon’ By George Mason 1872 {{PD}}

This Full Moon brings with it a couple of perfectly legitimate astrological questions: should the Full Moon at 1 Aquarius 26 be considered conjoined Pluto at 25 Capricorn 24? And what about Saturn at 10 Aquarius 51? Though both bodies are at greater orb than I normally count in a Full Moon scenario, I’m open to the idea of recent or imminent proximity to the bodies involved in the Lunar event as qualifying those bodies as relevant since they have exerted or will exert an influence right before, or soon to come after, the Full Moon perfection–and so may set the stage, or be part of the aftermath, of the Lunar event. This is based in part on the idea of the Moon as showing the passage of time and the development of any situation, and on the idea that the horoscope is a moving picture, a ‘story’ told through the movement and contact of the bodies to one another, with any chart simply a ‘snapshot’ of a moment in time.

In this case, both Earth and the Moon have just come off a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, the Earth about 6 days previous, and the Moon a mere 10 hours before. That means that both energies have recently seen their energies meet Plutonian ones, and more than likely we will see these energies reach some sort of peak or conclusion at the Full Moon. Earth and Pluto implies a material change, purge, transformation, or destruction, one that shifts our material view and perhaps changes (even if only temporarily) our surroundings or asset situation or availability–an earthquake, of one kind or another. Pluto-Earth may have made itself known, probably no more than 7, and no fewer than 5, days before the Full Moon–shaking up the scenery, preparing the ground, so to speak, for the emotional event of the Full Moon, which is one of completion, ending, conclusion, the finish to a situation, cycle, or effort, that now must wind down, shift focus, become something else.

Moon-Pluto suggests a trauma, an episode that enrages, a deep hurt, or release from trauma or hurt, a resurrection or re-making of the emotional nature, probably the emotional framework that once supported us and was so familiar, now being torn down, re-fashioned, or eliminated, with the Full Moon offering us a definitive point for this event. We make peace with it, most likely through the support of the group, understanding via Higher Mind, or by taking a ‘modern’ of highly original approach to this Plutonian emotional experience, all these reflecting the Full Moon happening in Aquarius.

And what of Saturn? Both Moon and Earth will reach Saturn relatively quickly, the Moon in about 14 hours, Earth by August 2nd, with the promise that this either brings an end or resolution to the emotional or material upset or change, or that what we feared, formed, or pushed for emotionally takes solid, maybe even literally tangible, form–so, signalling the final shape of events that we can directly trace backward to the Full Moon.

The Full Moon (23 July at 7:37 PM at 1 Aquarius 26) otherwise makes only a few contacts, but one in particular is potent, an Air Grand Trine with Sedna at 29 Taurus-Black Moon Lilith at 0 Gemini, and Vesta at 2 Libra. This suggest that no matter what upheaval, trauma, extremes, or shake ups precede the Full Moon, the situation that comes from it is in balance. The feelings about surroundings or material circumstances find harmony within the support and commitment of others (Vesta in Libra) and those matters that have been in the ‘blind spot’, denied or ignored, that now will not just be dealt with, but ‘satisfied’, in the sense that they will no longer sit in the shadows, exerting unconscious pressure, but be faced in the light, discussed, and a resolution found (again, likely concluding with that Earth contact to Saturn on the 2nd).

The only other contact is the Full Moon’s quincunx to Venus-Hygeia, implying that it’s healthy, of value, for us to deal with these matters–we’re uncomfortable until we do–and good relationships or positive financial situations show themselves and help us navigate.

The Full Moon Sabian is, ‘An Unexpected Thunderstorm’. Yep. Next!

We also look at the Sabian for the Sun, source of the Full Moon light: ‘An Epidemic Of Mumps’. Whatever happens, it’s catching! We’re ‘exposed’ to something that may be rippling through the populace all around us: an idea, likely of how we see ourselves or how we see our role (Leo), based on what will let us shine. It’s the good side of pride, the impulse that makes us every day move closer and closer to expressing our core Self. And that’s good.