That’s you and me, getting a gander at this crazy weather. ‘Sunset’ By Caspar David Friedrich c1830 {{PD}}

Hello! I hope you’re all enjoying your summer, no matter how hot, smoky, weird, or stressful–though I suspect most if not all of us are under at least one of those negatives right now. It’s not particularly hot here, but the sky has a visual quality that reminds me of when there are fires nearby, and the sun is shining in that eerie way you see during a Solar eclipse, glowing but strangely subdued, both light and shadow looking unreal.

So now that you have the weather update (!) I’ll tell you why I’m here: in working on the Moon book I find I want to add more examples–and want to know who you as readers might want to know about. The focus of the book is reading and understanding the implications of natal Moon placements, just so you know. These can be historical personages or alive right now–anyone you like. You don’t have to know the placements of the people you’re suggesting–I’ll find those myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated, though I can’t guarantee all (or any) will end up making the final cut, as much depends on the example’s usefulness in conveying a concept or illustrating a point, but again, that’s my job, your only task is to tell me who you’d like to read about. Just put your suggestions in the comments. Thank you!

Also, What’s Up With Jupiter? The behemoth has moved back into Aquarius as part of its retrograde phase, pulling back on our dreams to make us focus once again on the impracticality of what we may have been moving toward. That’s not only unpleasant, it’s as if Jupiter wants to just throw the facts in our faces–as if things don’t change, as if potentials can’t become reality, as if our attempts to expand can’t go forward as we’d hoped–oh but they can. This interlude is only meant to make us approach our opportunities more practically, no matter how Jupiter taunts us like an out-of-control circus clown–it has no business calling us fools, so don’t believe it when it comes at you with that painted face and scary ruffles and big shoes. Whoever’s trying to puncture the dream is the one who’s floundering, who’s lost their dream–so take a moment to understand that, and know how little their critique really means.

Jupiter’s under pressure at 29 degrees, and so is Sedna, which Jupiter is squaring. This is a prescription for feeling our instincts and internal knowledge are untrustworthy. We may feel very shaky inside right now–everything kind of looks the same, and we may sense so much internal uncertainty that even things we would normally trust our judgment on come into question. Sedna is in Taurus, prompting us to feel we don’t understand (Aquarius) what’s right in front of us. I suggest we wait until the New Moon of the 8th to make any decisions or take any steps, since by then Jupiter will have changed degree and, even though will still be in orb of the square, the pressure will lessen, and so will the uncertainty.

It doesn’t help that Ceres and Black Moon Lilith are together in Gemini, infiltrating our thinking with–what? A fear that our personal authority, autonomy, or ability to negotiate our own path may be ruined (or at least seriously impacted) by all those things we may have ignored, are in denial of, or are enraged about and don’t acknowledge. Being conscious of this influence might help us handle it, as we’ll see it invading our minds like some sort of ink poured into water, dark tendrils of negativity spreading and coloring everything, and the sooner we recognize it, the sooner we can identify its effects as not inherent to our perceptions–and so not necessarily accurate or even real.

I’m mindful of the way Michelle Wolf characterizes blogs as a conversation no one wants to have with you (!) so I’ll take off now–see you soon with a New Moon report. Have a great one!