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‘The Shoots of Autumn Crops’ By Zinaida Serebriakova 1908 {{PD}}

I tend not to read current commentary on astrology by my fellow astrologers very often, not because it’s not good, but because reading someone else’s take can get in the way of me seeing something fresh. And it’s the same thing with discussing current conditions: individuals can end up feeding off one another, amping up alarm or extreme views, looking for the most spectacular manifestations rather than the likely ones. For me, the job is one of trying to pinpoint what the experience will be like for most of us, which is one reason I’m not too concerned with discussing everything that forms in the sky, blow by blow; that becomes a fool’s game as many of us only perceive some of the influences in effect at any one time, and too many readers who pursue an endless stream of astrological prediction can end up winding themselves up over multiple possibilities that just don’t pan out. That kind of thing is what burns people out on astrology. They can end up taking the view that they thought there was something to it, but it turned out to disappoint; or, they spend lots of time and emotional energy picking through countless details, hoping to find a nugget, just like the one they found six months (or six years) ago. As a human Being, you deserve to spend your time better (happier, more productively, more effectively) than that, and as an astrologer, so do I.

That’s why I don’t always make a to-do (now that’s an olde-timey term!) of everything that forms, especially when it’s fleeting, but I’ve picked up a lot of chatter (as they say in the intel community) that suggests people are agitated, and looking to the skies for why. Or maybe it’s the other way around, they’re looking to the skies and then deciding they should be agitated. Anxiety in search of a reason.

Seeing this is why I’m here at all–otherwise I’d be working on Jane Austen’s chart right now. (It’s not like she’s waiting for it!) So I’m going to mention a few things–and deliberately skip some overworked and overspeculated-about others–because there’s no need to add to the general atmosphere of drama.

First: Okay! The Sun’s in Libra, and autumn has officially begun. We need to remember that the Solstice and Equinox points aren’t astrological events, other than in the way they signal the entrance of the Sun into a new sign; I prefer to think of them as ‘announcing’ a change in our relationship to the Sun’s light, which is important to us as living creatures. The amount of light available to us (that enters through the eye) affects the workings of the brain, and we all know we need a certain amount of exposure to natural light in order to make Vitamin D. The only Astro result is the same one that happens every month as the Sun changes signs: our attention is drawn to the character of the sign in which the Sun sits, as Sol puts the energies of that sign into a spotlight. Right now that means relationships, especially those of a cooperative or partnership nature, will be central to perceptions, as may earning or our participation in the Arts.

That T-square of Mercury opposed Eris, arm Pluto, really isn’t as alarming as it seems, even with Jupiter trining Mercury, exaggerating things, broadcasting them, making the problems within the social order seem like personal ones we need to own. We’ve been living with the Pluto-Eris square for some time now. Has it been pleasant? Heck no! Scenarios of tension and strife, the kind that enrage us or scare us almost to death, have been flashing before our eyes–the difference, as Mercury enters the picture, is that we’re verbalizing, we’re talking about it, and we’re hearing others talk about it, sometimes in apocalyptic terms. So, take a deep breath, and know that things aren’t worse, they’re just being discussed–and that’s not a bad thing, because talking about it is the first step in addressing issues, of fixing those tense situations.

Venus opposes Uranus, trines Pallas, and semi-sextiles Juno=again, relationships are tough; partners may seem unreliable or just plain crazy, and it may feel like the unfair choice we’re given is: preserve the relationship, or save Yourself. The reality is that choice is false. We don’t need to end the relationship in order to maintain our sense of personal cohesion; we need to see that the relationship is offering us wisdom, or showing us the need for the practical. In recognizing what the relationship is trying to show us, we gain–that’s the point of what’s going on.

Mercury in Libra stations tomorrow (the 24th) and retrogrades late PDT on the 26th. It moves back to re-contact Eris and Pluto, once again raising fears of discord and destruction, then trines Jupiter again, either exaggerating fears or offering the consolation of belief. Faith in what you believe in is the right way to handle this, just make sure the beliefs you embrace are based in, or at least not contradicted by, fact (another Jupiter thing), rather than in fantasy (a danger as Merc moves back to quincunx Neptune and conjoin Zeus, October 4th). Since the retro occurs in an Air sign, we’re meant to re-think things; it’s an especially good time for reviewing, for modifying plans, and for re-assessing relationships (as the journey is in Libra).

One last bit: Ceres sextiles Chiron=subjects as big as climate change and as personal as your diet need to be considered and addressed right now–to wait for the square between these two could force some highly unpleasant circumstances (June 2022).

Have a lovely end-of-week!