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Jupiter mansplains butterflies while Mercury warns Virtue not to point out he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. ‘Jupiter, Mercury and the Virtue’ By Dosso Dossi c1517 {{PD}}

The approach to this upcoming Full Moon will be more than usually loaded with insight and revelation. Mercury officially goes direct once again AM Pacific time of the 18th at 10 Libra 07, trine Ceres-Black Moon Lilith, as apex to a loose Finger of God with base of Uranus sextile Pallas, and just a hair past perfection of an opposition to Chiron. This points to a lot of retrograde activity, most of which we’re not yet even aware of, bringing ideas, realizations, and denouement at the direction point that we may be caught off guard by.

We’ve been thinking about and reviewing relationships of all kinds; the direction says those are still on our minds, with Merc’s forward motion offering a new perspective and the dawning of things we hadn’t considered. We are likely to be more sure in our personal power position, and more confident–and yet we’re also aware of those things we’re not willing to inspect, of those things that we are ignoring or denying, probably because we don’t feel ready to face them yet. Considering our new, post-retro surge of personal authority, we might want to consider those matters that have been particularly difficult to deal with–as there may not be a better time than this period between the direction at 8:16 AM PDT of the 18th and the Full Moon at 7:56 AM PDT of the 20th.

We’ll also likely recognize how at least some of our retro experiences and conclusions may have been (unfairly) influenced by our past and especially our past hurts. That offers us a choice: do we pretend we don’t know that, or do we let go of our defensiveness so that we can revise and repair? You know the right answer to that one.

And finally, the direction point brings us a magic formula of sorts: spontaneity, accident, or Higher Mind inspiration or revelation, combined with inner wisdom and practicality (and that’s vital, that smarts and a sense of being reasonable are applied), gives the potential to create the optimum relationship(s) with both others and projects/ plans with which we’re involved. The message here is: Go with the flow, think on your feet, and don’t be afraid of change. Best interpretation lens is that there are no accidents, and the Universe is perpetually working in our favor–see things that way and anything unexpected, even if it seems negative on initial encounter, becomes a gift.

Hope you’re enjoying your week!