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‘The Sword’ By Alfred-Pierre Agache 1896 {{PD}}

It may feel like we’re on the verge of bursting–with optimism, with excess, with too much, with after effects of ‘the facts’, with emotion, with gratitude, with our own or others efforts, positive or not, at expansion. Sun and Moon pause to meet up just before hitting Jupiter, so that the New Moon new start is, one way or another, all out of proportion. Pisces makes us see that what we dreamed is possible–or that we are on the brink of starting something inspired, preposterous, or a little of each.

The New Moon occurs at 12 Pisces 06 on 2 March at 9:34 AM Pacific time, and everything about its aspects is unusual–or is it that ruler Neptune is playing with us? There is a Finger of God that seems not to have anything to do with the New Moon–but absolutely does. The apex is Earth, and Chiron sextiles Juno, forming the base–and so catching the New Moon at the base midpoint. Actions that wound and are driven by ego, Will, or wanting to be first (Chiron in Aries) meet issues of personal empowerment (boundaries, the right to autonomy, etc.) specifically grounded in the modern world and in modern thinking (Juno in Aquarius) and the New Moon inspires us with ways to make for a satisfactory material outcome, where fair distribution of both responsibilities and goods is achieved (Earth in Virgo).

The Lunar event is also itself sextile Uranus in Taurus, pointing up the material facets of this New Moon and promising surprises, accidents, and the unexpected will be the biggest influence. Notable is the way the stellium of Pluto, Mars, Venus, and Vesta are semi-square the New Moon, all in Capricorn. Though we might be fooled by the ‘minor’ aspect, we might be wise to pay attention to how small things can quickly evolve/ devolve (Pluto) into base struggles between what should be complementary energies (Mars and Venus). Vesta tells us that whatever disharmony occurs, it will 1) touch on what we find sacred, what we honor (which can be a trigger for all kinds of feelings), and 2) that it will seem like life and death (Pluto, messing with our heads). This will reflect real-world issues involving change to the order of things (Capricorn, Pluto) and where we might be wise to find balance, if at all possible–otherwise, righteous anger or a fear of losing what we care about (or having it or ourselves disrespected) could make for some brief but wild bouts of temper. Listen, if this occurs, because if it does it will happen around important issues and/ or with those you truly care about–and so reveal much about the fears that need addressing, and the walls that need breaking down.

One final but perhaps vital point: the New Moon is novile Eris. Discord! But we must remember, Eris doesn’t bring discord, she simply reveals what’s already there, usually tamped down or hidden under a civilized veneer. In her own way, she’s a truth-teller, and a novile is an aspect that reveals genius–in this case, what comes forth in disharmony, clashes, or fury gives us priceless insight into what’s really happening, especially if it involves one party trying to blame another, when the only supporting ‘evidence’ is the accuser’s anger. You know that old saying, that when you point the finger of blame, four are pointing back at you? Yeah, like that.

The thing we’re going to gain most from this New Moon is information, much of it extant but concealed, until Eris breaks the seal, or Pluto shakes someone’s fear or rage, or until Jupiter shows us the facts or a positive way forward. The trick is to be thankful for what we’re shown, even if it’s not as pleasant as it could be.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘An Ancient Sword, Used In Many Battles, Is Displayed In A Museum’. Two thoughts here: that what was once a weapon should now be put away, seen but not used, and that to forget how far we’ve come is to lose our Collective progress. What was once something formidable, awe-inspiring, even necessary for the age, is now to be put aside–that kind of savagery isn’t needed, anymore. On the personal level this likely applies to the ways in which we engage in disagreement. Don’t forget what you’ve learned, should Eris come to call.