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‘Four Dancers’ By Edgar Degas 1899 {{PD}}

The New Moon in Aries falls at 11:24 PM PDT on the 31st, at 11 Aries 30, both Sun and Moon poised to conjoin Chiron in just hours, Mercury trailing and in less than a day slated to form Superior Conjunction (the meeting that occurs with the Sun when Mercury is direct–with Mercury gliding over Chiron to meet the Sun just as the Moon goes Void in Aries–with all of it suggesting the beautiful orchestration of the celestial bodies, and so implying meaning because their movement is so balletic–the Superior Conjunction in Aries bringing a fresh take on how we think about ourselves and our actions/ choices–but I digress). The ‘I Am’ is front and center, and we are particularly aware of either our wounds, or our Chirotic talents–and either way, we want everyone to know about them–there’s a kind of urgency, even a sense of purpose informed by the Higher Mind, behind getting our words out (semi-sextile of Uranus).

We may mistakenly think that what we’re communicating about is relationship material, giving our viewpoint, about the hurt caused by the Other (Venus semi-square NM), but we’re really talking about the repercussions of our own actions and choices, their costs and benefits, and slo-mo vetting what we want to do about them (Aries). It’s a way of using talk/ exposition/ thought/ conceptualization/ expression as a kind of mirror in which we can view, review, and gain perspective on wounded aspects of the mind, and the conclusions we’ve already drawn (which are reflected in our actions and choices), but that we’re not entirely consciously aware of, yet.

The New Moon is at the rough midpoint of the Vesta-Ceres trine, with Uranus at the Ceres-New Moon midpoint, promising revelation about how genuinely effective we are, power-wise, and how honoring our own values and principles limits or expands our personal empowerment. For those so susceptible, this may also warn of sudden reactions to environmental factors, especially in the home, in the vein of allergies, asthma, food reactions, accidents, and even power struggles, especially when symbolic (as in, asserted through demands or practices that will provoke)–and these, too, will carry messages, specifically about what may be intruding on our well-being.

New Moon energy is inception energy; things begin here, are seeded (with or without our knowledge), but even more often the Lunar event brings a dawning, a realization that feels a bit like an awakening. Emotional revelation is a predictable potential at this time each month, and we should tune our perceptions to that possibility at New Moon time. Here we see that expressed through Ceres sextile Moon-Sun-Chiron as base to a Finger of God with, of all things, Hygeia as apex. What dawns on us now is about our health or is vital to it, derived from some confluence of identity, power expression, Soul intent, emotional and intuitive perception, and hurt and/or talent (of the Chirotic gift variety).

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘A Triangularly Shaped Flight Of Wild Geese’. This prompted me to go looking for a Grand Trine that might add to the New Moon picture, but what I found just reiterated what’s already clear in the aspects: Vesta-Earth-Ceres in an Air Grand Trine that simply states the need to find balance (especially mental balance) in what we honor, our material needs and purpose (the environmental factors we require in order to realize our Soul–Sun–purpose), and effective expression of personal power–in real-world terms, being in command of our world and all that resides in it. Too, we may see something wild (or that just feels wild) take some orderly and balanced shape, allowing the concept to ‘take flight’, and so begin a journey toward success.

A few other things to note: the Nodal axis across Taurus-Scorpio creates a tight T-square with the conjunction of Saturn and Juno=our intended life direction gets a real-world reality check, as does our ability to feel empowered in our own lives; and if you have a natal placement 27 Leo to 00 Virgo, that energy is part of the base of a Finger with the current Black Moon Lilith point, apex Pluto=much depends on what natal energy is affected, but generally speaking, what’s hidden or denied is revealed, purged, destroyed, or transformed. Look to the function of the energy (for instance, if it’s Mars, we look to the Will, the sex drive, the aggressive or assertive nature, or the need to take action), as well as looking at the subjects of the House Mars rules (with Aries in, or on the cusp) for areas where this change might show.