Creator Unknown 1882 {{PD}}

We’re in that valley between eclipses, a time that always feels somehow . . . uneasy–or I should say, I always feel uneasy around this time–and maybe you do, too. To me there’s a ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ sensibility that permeates everything. So what do we see happening right now?

The first thing I see is the way Mars in Pisces is creeping up on Uranus in Taurus by sextile, catching Chiron in Aries at the midpoint–and the Sun is moving toward conjoining Uranus, bringing more and more light to the situation–no wonder I feel uneasy! Mars in Pisces may be experiencing something like trying to punch his way out of a paper bag–no matter how much energy is expended, if seems his (and our) efforts are ineffective. Or maybe you prefer the old ‘fog’ analogy–just as valid, though in this sign Mars is likely to imagine he knows exactly what he’s doing (and facing), even to believe he’s fighting for his ideals. Nope. The clue this bit about ideals isn’t so is found in the contact to Chiron–this fight is about something that hurts, personally.

The sextile suggests what we/ Mars is doing may precipitate something sudden, unexpected, that surprises the senses, alters the material situation, brings Higher Mind revelation, or changes the comfort level–and in the process, may injure the ego (Chiron in Aries), which as Chiron is currently ruled by Mars, says the ego may be on the same deluded, misguided, or massively personal quest as general Martian energy is right now. That action urge is trying to punch up, but ends up having the impetus boomerang back in our faces, hence the wound re-opened/ re-visited.

Ceres is square Neptune and Eris is sextile (and so semi-sextile Neptune). If that isn’t a recipe for women who seem to be aligned stirring each other up over misunderstandings or imagined wrongs, I don’t know what is. That’s not to say that this reaction is wrong, more like what we think is the issue or transgression isn’t really what’s bringing forward the strife. Too, Saturn is in the mix by trine to Ceres, only exacerbating our idea that we’re seeing reality clearly! Keep on the lookout for the true trigger behind any upset, and know that the deceptions we think we’re perceiving aren’t the ones that matter/ count. With Venus just having entered Aries, it’s just not the time to act out in relationship.

Sedna and Pluto are in an Earth trine and catching Jupiter in Pisces at the midpoint. Here the instincts and the real-world power situation are exaggerated, and thereby deceptive, not out of anyone’s malice, but again out of skewed perceptions. We may be, on the one hand, very optimistic, creative and inspired to the point of bursting, but also faced with the need to deal with the actual circumstances before us. Not exactly fun, but if you can be patient enough to connect the practical dots, you’ll end up with a pretty good plan–with first steps to be taken after the 25th of May. Yes, that will be during Merc retro–which may mean that good plan gets even better, with cautious re-visioning, with Merc ever helpful on the re-think in Gemini, and moving into Taurus by the 23rd, showing us how to materially implement what we’ve been contemplating.

Finally, Vesta creates the arm of a T-square with the Nodal axis, acting as a compass for life direction choices. All we need to do is ask ourselves, Does this honor what I truly care about? Am I respecting what I find sacred, with this choice? Answer that and you’ll know without question what to do.