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This Full Moon perfects at 4:52 AM PDT of the 14th at 23 Sagittarius 25, within sextile to Saturn, square to Neptune, and trine to Eris, suggesting that discipline, restraint, and precedent, especially the intellectual variety (Saturn in Aquarius) can easily lend form to our dreams and ideals (Neptune in Pisces), though we’re bound to see (and should respect) the limits to what can be (the square). It’s a point of discovery, reckoning, or fulfillment in what we envision, imagine, hope for, idealize, or misperceive, one that displays the geography of the ‘dream terrain’ and offers a map of how to get there. The feeling nature, the intuition, and a general sensitivity will, if we allow it, inform our way forward, either by reinforcing beliefs or conveying vital facts (Sagittarius). Our creative energy (Neptune) acts as a fulcrum across which we are invited to find balance between what we’re conscious of, what’s obvious to us, what we already see and understand (Sun in Gemini) in relation to our feelings about our surroundings, what is, how we’d like to venture out, what we see as exotic or foreign, and what we want to learn or know (Moon-Earth in Sagittarius).

The trine to Eris is the only real sticking point. It’s too easy (trine) to fall into contentious circumstances with others, especially if there are already tensions below the surface; even more volatile are situations and relationships related to desire and ambition fulfillment, these springing from the recent sextiles of both Earth and the Moon to Zeus. What we want with a passion (and how we go about getting that) may be the source of conflict at this time. If someone objects to your pursuit of something, ask yourself this: is what I’m doing injurious to them? If the answer is no, their attitude is coming purely from jealousy; if the answer is yes, then you must stop and consider whether causing hurt to someone else is worth what you might get. In case you’re not sure, the answer is: causing harm is never the right course.

The Sabian for the Moon is, ‘A Bluebird Perched On The Gate Of A Cottage’. This is an almost Disney-esque image–so maybe somewhat idealized, somewhat sanitized, perhaps echoing Neptune and what it could present or inspire at this time. A bluebird is symbolic of a dream realized perfectly, a harbinger of spotless ‘luck’–and it perches on a cottage gate, suggesting auspicious entry into a (new) ‘residence’, which could mean any particular aspect of living. Encouraging us, then, to enter into that new thing we’re considering at the Full Moon.

The Sabian for the life-giving, all-illuminating Sun is, ‘Children Skating Over A Frozen Village Pond’. Again, an idyllic and idealized image, this one of recreation, specifically carried out by children–so probably corresponding to the child within each of us, to a simple enjoyment at engaging in play–which is the ultimate creativity. Taken together, the two images suggest that aiming for manifestation of the highest version of your creative energy can succeed right now, and the way to make it happen is to approach the effort as if it’s play. If you’re anything like me, you may need the encouragement of that external source, the one that offers permission to indulge in the purely creative–so here it is: use the time surrounding the Full Moon to enjoy yourself, in that way where one musing follows another, where you experiment, where you’re not acting with one eye on the social sphere, measuring how they’re perceiving you, but responding only out of curiosity and enjoyment. We need to note, though, that this scene is set in winter–at the peak of winter, in fact, when it’s safe to skate on a pond. That might suggest that it may be some time before we see this dream manifest–or that we need to change the atmosphere, cooling things down, perhaps being a little more overtly dispassionate in pursuit of our goals, ‘playing it cool’.

Helpful hints: Pallas and Venus will be close at the Full Moon, in Taurus. Indulge your senses, appreciate comforts, see the wisdom behind beauty. And for those with a natal point 22-26 of Leo, that natal body fills in a Fire Grand Trine with Eris and the Moon-Earth, and so may put you squarely in someone’s fiery cross-hairs–proceed with extra care, as feelings may be highly flammable (I know, it’s actually inflammable, but you know how we had to switch the meanings, because people kept confusing them!)

Have a lovely weekend–use it to prepare for that inspiration the Full Moon is almost certain to deliver, and which it will, if you’re not distracted by the realities of what you find out, by the need for form or limits, or by the tensions possibly surfacing with others.