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It still feels like late summer, doesn’t it? ‘August Night At Russell’s Corners’ By George Ault 1940 {{PD}}

There’s a trine today between Venus at 29 Virgo and Sedna at 29 Taurus–and if we want to add the timelessness factor, we call it an Earth Grand Trine and count Pluto at 26 Capricorn. This suggests a vibe in our surroundings that’s been building, building, and now feels as if the matter (we think a material one) has reached a crisis point. What we’re really feeling, I think, is stress on assets (whether that be relationships, finances, or other things over which we have a sense of possession–Venus) and our attempts to ‘connect’ with those worldly matters via our instinctual knowledge, what we ‘know but don’t know’ (Sedna). We’re trying to feel our way forward, but the thing we may forget about Sedna is that it also holds our ‘blind spot’ material–hence the feeling that we’re stumbling around in the dark! And Pluto’s involvement doesn’t help–that makes it feel important to figure out, dangerous, and may make us think that if we don’t get things right, we’ll have permanently mauled or jettisoned them–and that can cause real anxiety. With Ceres square Sedna, all our appeals to Mother Nature to give us some insight are going unheeded (She’s in 29 degree crisis mode in Florida, right now! In Leo! So don’t bother her, she’s doing her thing!) And of course this is all during a Merc retro period, in Virgo no less, so there’s just no using the mind to sort this out.

I have a few suggestions. Mars and Saturn are in a neat little Air Trine–and if we add Zeus in Libra, an Air Grand Trine, we have a way to think things through that doesn’t take a beeline through the mind, but instead let’s us use somatic means to understand what we’re dealing with. This is the idea that some people learn best by moving–and with Merc retro in Earth, moving through Air may be the answer. Saturn in Aquarius asks us to take an intellectual or future-oriented approach–What would we like to see happen, best case scenario? Mars in Gemini says, Make thinking and doing simultaneous–one will act as a generator for the other, and round in a circle. It may bring some surprises, but is the most direct route possible to revealing to ourselves what we’re really thinking and intending. And Zeus says bouncing ambitions and desires off others, especially those with whom we partner, can give us clarity in a way that brooding or keeping everything squirreled away in our brains just can’t, right now.

Also of note: Uranus squares Saturn, and the Black Moon Lilith point is sextile Uranus, catching Mars at the midpoint. Remember how I said things might surprise you? It would be surprising if they didn’t! Some of what’s revealed will definitely be of the kind we’d probably rather forget, but remind yourself: even if unpleasant, what we learn will be useful, and should inform our choices and actions. And the Eris-Vesta sextile is slated to form a Finger of God with apex retro, and then direct, Mercury, over the next week=what disturbs our values (especially the ones we’re a little smug about, a little too Self-satisfied over) will be the final piece to the puzzle of how our thinking during the retro period has changed. That means you’ll be able to pinpoint the change much more quickly than usual, in the post-retro period.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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