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‘One Who Understands’ By Paul Klee 1934 {{PD}}

The Full Moon in Aries forms just after first Earth and then the Moon pass over Chiron–and that Chiron is involved in a T-square opposed Venus and square Pallas, begging the question: if that relationship or money thing was so smart, so practical, or such a good use of your skills, assets, or talents, why did it hurt? Or even more confounding, if it didn’t hurt. A Full Moon offers us answers, or at least endings, and in Aries those endings address the ‘I Am’, identity, and our choices and actions. We are likely to have laid at our feet revelation about how we’re processing emotionally some significant recent event–we’d be wise to examine it for the larger message, the one that makes a statement about who we are at our core, right now. Be prepared, as this will likely challenge who we think we are, or will bring into question our actual motivations for doing as we have.

Much of the action in the chart has already occurred by the time the Full Moon arrives, though we do have a few near-future contacts to look at that will reveal what comes next: a semi-sextile to Uranus, a sextile to Saturn, and a square to the Black Moon Lilith point. A sesquiquadrate to Hygeia at 00 Sagittarius and a loose novile to Juno round out the picture. What we have before us are minor shocks, surprises, or revelations that either present barriers or bring something previously only contemplated into our reality–and this brings conflict or discomfort, as we either must deal with what we’ve ignored or denied, or must face something that enrages us. The good news is if we accept our own role in things, and are willing to do something about what we see, we will be allowed grace and true good fortune in tackling it. One important point: if what you’ve been brushing aside is a health matter, it enters a new phase at this point–for good or ill, so this may be the signal to take a new approach in this area.

Here’s the temptation: to keep our eyes trained on that Venus, which opposition is already more than three degrees past once the Full Moon occurs. Looking behind us at that person, romance, partner, asset, reward, or financial circumstance will only distract us in the now; we’re meant to get the message about this, right now, but not to try and re-live, re-litigate, or re-vive.

Then we look to Pluto, stationed direct just a day before, and we may want to blame that dark energy bringing complete and utter change for what happens–but that would be inaccurate, as Pluto is simply standing still (stationary) and offering to point out just exactly where it really does hurt, or where you must make a clean sweep in order to move on. Check the natal chart for any points or bodies Pluto at 26 Capricorn may currently be aspecting: that’s where the real action is–the Full Moon is only about showing you who you’ve become, when you weren’t looking.

The Full Moon Sabian is, ‘Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting In Silence’. What’s your immediate reaction to that image? Do you think it’s sad and depressing, as if these women have missed out on life? Or do you see it as a bit of a triumph, one that has allowed these women to operate outside patriarchal society? Do you see them as independent or oppressed, quiet in peace or quiet in despair? It’s your Rorschach for current Lunar energies, and speaks of some emotional pattern you may need to question, or at least consider from another angle (and that’s so no matter your interpretation).

We also look at the bright engine of the Full Moon, the Sun: ‘A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering And Leaving The Harbor’. Here we each enjoy a certain distance (retired) from an area of expertise–and what are each of us experts in? In knowing ourselves, of course! We understand the progress we’ve made, and can see the consequences of our choices, with both Pluto and the Full Moon giving us a kind of progress report, a check-up on what we may need to handle next.

The Lunar event itself may be fiery or dull, but in some way shines a spotlight on something about ourselves we need to acknowledge and be aware of, in order to make the best choices we can.

Have a great Full Moon experience! ‘Tis the season for meteor showers–6-10th October the Draconids are visible in the Northern Hemisphere, the 20-21st the Orionids are visible in both hemispheres, and the Leonids fly by 17-18 November, visible in both hemispheres. Dates are for best sightings in the Seattle area, but apply generally by hemisphere as well.