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‘Venus at her Mirror (The Rokeby Venus)’ By Diego Velázquez 1644 {{PD}}

On the 22nd, mid-afternoon Pacific time, Venus and the Sun perfect their conjunction, offering us a preview of what the eclipse may shake loose, shake up, or deliver an answer to. The question is, will you be asking questions about Love, Money, partnership, aesthetics, Art, or some other relationship or asset type? They conjoin in Libra, at 29 stressful degrees–this issue isn’t new, and may be at a breaking point, one we likely are just now recognizing–and we are faced with a single, telling aspect, a Finger of God that will, in slightly different form, be part of the eclipse picture in a few days.

Venus in Superior Conjunction to the Sun (that is, conjoined when Venus is direct) is symbolically brightly illuminated–even to herself. Our Venusian energies will be visible to our inner vision in stark detail; take advantage of that, in spite of the way Venus might lobby to be seen in a more flattering light. Venus-Sun receives as Finger apex the energy of Jupiter fresh in Aries (at 00) sextile Sedna at 29 Taurus. That’s a potentially volatile mix, probably out of naivety (the 00 placement in the sign of the ‘I Am’ with the significator of knowledge/ belief or the social sphere) combining with stressed instincts (so likely to be warped by other factors, such as want and wish, or what in Taurus probably feels like need) or an insistence on operating in an area where we carry a significant blind spot. The result is a statement about Love, Money, et al, that will be reiterated, possibly in a more stunning form, at the eclipse. Just after the eclipse, the Moon will catch up with Venus, giving us a look at how it all feels, what emotional conclusions we’ve reached–and that may be the point when we understand things, at least in the sense of how we feel, most fully.

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