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Thanks to Sumit Surai for this image of a Goblet of Fire Cocktail

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Not all the time, just today. Venus sits at 29 stressful degrees of Scorpio, either making us feeling we’re missing something important in relationships or finances (and so worrying about loss), or that it’s our last chance to ‘dig deep’, to gain some essential truth, to grasp how to get that reward or to draw in that love or to finally feel materially secure. With that as the running undercurrent, no wonder most of us are feeling ragged! It doesn’t help that Jupiter is trine Venus, exaggerating our reactions to Venusian tensions, and Venus makes a T-square by opposing Sedna, also at 29, both squared by Vesta. That’s a picture of instincts under stress, being dogged by a sense there’s something we know but just can’t recall, and that it really matters, that what we care most about in the world is at stake.

Moon in Leo, as it is right now, tends to make all of us a little too Self-focused–hence we take ourselves a little too seriously–and with the Moon squaring Uranus and opposing Saturn, we’re just sure there’s a nasty surprise right around the corner. And the Sun in a Grand Trine with Neptune and Black Moon Lilith magnifies the uncertainty, the confusion, the sense of hopelessness fed by those things we deny or are enraged by.

Here are my thoughts: know that this is all temporary, more temporary than most conditions under which we operate. Venus will be out of Scorpio in hours, not even days, and the Sun moves at a clip that will dissolve that GT (Grand Trine, not Gin & Tonic!) in no time. For the most part, the tension will simply fall away, if we can just wait it out–and at the very least, we’ll see Venus enter Sagittarius (late on the 15th PST), where she’ll take action (Fire sign), either because she wants to know, or because of what she knows–and getting ourselves moving is half the battle, as anxiety is so often firmly rooted in feeling helpless, in believing that there’s nothing we can do. Venus will let us know that’s not true; trust her to make clear what it is you really value, and who it is you really care about.