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Shiny surfaces, figurative and even literal, will help you see what you can’t observe directly.
‘Reflection in the Mirror’ By Grigory Soroka c1850 {{PD}}

So Neptune has stationed at 22 Pisces and will officially begin apparent forward motion at 4:16 PM of the 4th–and it does so with the Moon just leaving semi-sextile and Venus square. It looks like a moment of peak emotional confusion: What or who do I love? What’s happening with my money? Am I victim of a delusion? Are the relationships or financial circumstances I thought reliable just an illusion? Is my idea or creation worth anything? Am I loved? Am I even visible? They’re the kind of nagging doubts that, even as we ask ourselves the question, we know we won’t have access to a useful answer. Such is the mystery Neptune swathes things, circumstances, and feelings with. Reassure yourself that coming head-first at such questions right now only invites frustrations; instead, let’s examine what else is going on at that point. We’ll use other conditions to read obliquely what we can’t see directly, like holding a shiny surface out to see around a corner: our view may be a little distorted, incomplete, or blurry, but we’ll get the gist–and that’s what’s important.

Jupiter’s poised to enter the 29th degree of Pisces, and Sedna’s already there. These define the most blatant stressors we’ll be under: the social order may pressure, the facts may unsettle our viewpoint or define our options, and it’s impossible to vet these against instincts, as what we need either lies in our ‘blind spot’ (those matters where we are unable to see one or more fundamental truths), or, when we turn to that inner knowing, we receive dead air instead of enlightenment. This can be especially true if we’re concerned with ways in which we’ve tried to expand our creative output or to put our beliefs into action–and considering the state of Neptune, what we know is that we won’t know! Not yet.

We also see the Black Moon Lilith point conjoined Pallas in Cancer, opposed Pluto in Capricorn, with Eris and Zeus filling in a Cardinal Grand Cross. No wonder we feel we must do something! It feels important, dangerous (both in the doing and the not doing), presenting a landscape littered with hazards (egos, angry others, ambitious or avaricious forces, ‘the Establishment’, not to mention the tension in confronting the sheer power, human and natural, that exists all around us). But there’s a saving grace in Pallas, if we are willing to allow those things we’ve denied, avoided, ignored, or been enraged over to inform our choices. It’s in acknowledging and facing those very things we’d like to forget that we find the wisdom to triumph, the sharp and just sword with which to fight.

The Sun will be trine Chiron at this point, making us far too aware of our own wounds and vulnerability–but remember, those items appear bigger than they actually are right now, and if we shift our vision, just a bit, we can change the focus to our most unique talents. These may have been undervalued of late or put to the side as irrelevant or impractical. Now’s the time to dust them off and apply them, for best results (check your natal Chiron placement for clues as to the nature and uses of your personal Chirotic treasure).

We’ll also have Mercury square Ceres, trine Eris, and quincunx Pallas-BML. Again, there might be a lot of pronouncements, orders given, and attempts to prove personal worth and right through exercising personal power. Silence, or at least a refusal to tangle with those who seem to want a fight, might be our best course. Beware the overly assertive, who claim a ‘natural’ right to tell you what to do–and take care not to act out that role yourself.

And have a wonderful weekend!