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‘Wynken, Blynken, and Nod’ By Maxfield Parrish 1902 {{PD}}

My stepping away for the weekend turned into over a week gone from home, because of a car accident that stranded us in Seattle. No worries, everyone involved was unhurt, but the car was totaled and between that and some of the worst weather I’ve seen since living in and near the Emerald City, it felt like a long, stressful time–and I didn’t have access to my astrology software, which lives on my desktop–that’s why I missed the New Moon of the 23rd. So my apologies, and my very best wishes for a Happy Holiday for all, no matter what you celebrate (even if it’s only toasting the weekend!)

A quick look at the New Moon in Capricorn says to me that it was all about health (it’s closely conjoined Hygeia)–but in Cappy that could be the health of structures and systems, the things we rely on in our lives, what gives us a sense of security and safety, of boundaries and limits, the kind that allow us breathing room–and/ or this applies to the health of the subjects of the House in the natal chart where the NM falls for you–for instance, in the 1st, one’s body or the ways we interact with the world (do you over assert, refuse to acknowledge boundaries, perhaps? or are you literally doing something that endangers you?), while in the 2nd it may apply to exercise of talents or to spending (are you working yourself to death? or is expressing your talent taking a toll, or are you ‘giving it away’ to your own detriment?) In the 3rd that may pertain to the communications or thinking (do you over think? fantasize in a way that lets you over step boundaries or break agreements? do you speak in code, hoping to manipulate?) and in the 4th this might involve dealing with the literal health of family members or the suitability of your relationships with them (are those relationships creating needless boundaries, stopping you from something, maybe in an attempt to keep you safe? do old patterns automatically repeat when you’re together?)

In the 5th it’s one’s offspring or romance or creative efforts or even gambles that are limiting or challenging one’s limits, and in the 6th it may be the job or the actual state of the health that’s holding one back or enforcing limits. The 7th blames it on the partner or all others, or maybe the standards of the Art world or audience, and the 8th may focus on sharing, all that is or isn’t offered to one via relationships. The 9th may see one chafing at the institutions with which they’re involved (religious, educational) or that have factored into the current status, or one’s life philosophy may be under fire or born anew, or a ‘foreign’ entity or environment may be forcing a pull-back. The 10th makes what’s born visible to all and may place NM developments firmly in the context of career or reputation, while the 11th sees groups, friends, hopes and wishes making one aware of Saturnian limits, and the 12th, well, that may send the message via meditation, dreams, or behind-the-scenes matters.

And remember, a New Moon is a new start–so we may be looking at awareness of and then going beyond one’s usual limitations, or even of setting new limits, new boundaries, or drawing lines in the sand and saying ‘No more.’ Capricorn makes us aware of what we can rely on, what truly supports us, and what’s holding us back, and if it falls in one of the first six Houses (1st through 6th) the chief culprit that has been stopping you (or giving you needed structure and support!) may have been yourself.

The NM also creates a T-square with the Ceres-Jupiter opposition=showdowns over power, authority, and ‘knowing’ are formidable, and may determine going forward (at least for a time) who dominates in terms of calling the shots or knowing how to muster ‘natural’ power related to innate human nature and Universal ‘flow’. The New Moon also sesquiquadrates Uranus=surprise! It all shakes out not quite how you think it will.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘Three Rose Windows In A Gothic Church, One Damaged By War’. What’s your damage? as they say–this New Moon may give us the opportunity to repair a damaged view, something that holds ‘sacred space’ within us, to remove what in our lives was destroyed in a violent way and replace it or restore it with something beautiful, graceful, still vulnerable to being damaged (as in the example of window glass) but then, isn’t that fragility part of its beauty?

It’s good to be back, thanks for visiting, and make the best of the final few days of 2022!