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‘Satan Watching the Caresses of Adam and Eve’ By William Blake 1808 {{PD}}

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The Full Moon arrives on the 5th at 9:34 PM PDT at 16 Libra 07, delivering conclusions about or making clear our relationships with others, particularly those tender parts that persist as wounds. Here’s the thing about wounds: we tend to fixate on the apparent perpetrator of the injury, but the reality is, a situation involving hurt is under our control at all times. Does that mean the person isn’t responsible for the transgression? No, but it does mean that we were vulnerable to them in that area, open in such a way that we allow their actions or opinions to impact us. Does that imply we should never open ourselves to others? Of course not–but it does mean that we either 1) made a poor choice in whom to trust, or 2) need to reassess our own sensitivity levels concerning the input of others. With the first, well, we (hopefully) learn our lesson; with the latter, we may need to review just what has been triggered in us, and whether that’s truly a valid reaction. It may be a matter of perspective: if we realize that what’s really been violated is our own expectation, then we are free to re-align our vision toward a more accurate picture of the situation, and the relationship.

This Full Moon promises revelations along these lines, with the Moon-Earth in Libra opposed the Sun-Chiron conjunction in Aries (placing a spotlight on the responsibility of the individual in areas of wounds and the act of wounding) suggesting that the most potent of injuries (and the most compulsive hurts delivered to others) reside in matters of identity and role. It may also be that we or others need so badly to justify how we see ourselves that we are blinded to the way we are hurting or being hurt. It may be that the disturbances to relationships are, at least in part, reflecting back to us discrepancies in who we think we are vs. who we actually are as revealed by behavior and choices. It’s a sometimes bitter pill, to realize that we aren’t quite who we imagine ourselves to be–and yet, such knowledge is necessary if we are to make the most of our talents and relationships.

The Full Moon also quincunxes Uranus-Juno in Taurus, telling us that the uncomfortable or irritating may require spontaneous response, or may bring shocking or unexpected developments (especially in areas of material welfare or comforts), but that if successfully answered, will bring empowerment. This may be a situation where we’re thinking we’re focused on the prickly connections of relationships, but have something sprung on us that offers us more autonomy or control–and maybe this is able to happen only because we are distracted tending our wounds or trying to repair a fall out. Or, there’s revelation around a group that ostensibly supports us but that may or may not serve our empowerment needs–and then there’s the possibility that we must choose, between the health of a relationship (Libra) and our own individual empowerment needs (Uranus-Juno).

There’s also a loose squine from the Full Moon to Pluto, spanky new in Aquarius. Since we’re prone to take an intellectual approach in Aquarius, we may believe it’s time for some housekeeping, for sweeping the slate clean in some regard–but that can be a very harsh approach to emotional matters, with the aspect telling us that this attitude has both an up and a down side, so proceed with great care in the elimination department, as removals may be more permanent than we imagine.

One thing I’d like to add is a note on the opposition of Ceres in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces. Though not in contact with the Full Moon, this pairing suggests an atmosphere where we already have a critical eye on our own personal sense of authority, and that this is in direct conflict to what we consider our ideal. It can mean that relationship matters, and particularly our part in them, have been under consideration for quite some time–and the Full Moon simply brings them to a head, likely through a minor but unanticipated event or interaction. It can also mean that we’ve recently been over-critical with ourselves, prone to compare our real world interactions with an impossible-to-attain perfection that never was and never will be.This atmosphere may be ripe for a wounding scenario–but consider how much of that hurt is simply coming from ourselves, from a misjudgement where we may, consciously or not, contend we ‘deserve’ it. No, we don’t.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering And Leaving The Harbor’. The image presents a knowledgeable observer monitoring the kind of comings and goings which they once commanded. That implies that in some important way, what we see/ learn at this Full Moon is something we are already removed from, but have the experience to understand completely. And maybe that’s the point: that only hindsight can offer a truly impartial assessment of what happens. It also suggests that, in some important way, we may be past the actual impact, the wounding, itself, and are only now reacting to it–which again may point us toward the necessity of reviewing our own sensitivities and the reasons for them. The Sun’s Sabian is, ‘Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting In Silence’. When we consider that the Sun is the light source for the Moon, and so for this event, we may see that there is a certain commonality in interaction; that is, that one can’t be hurt without an Other–and yet the Other is in the same position, subject to the same conditions that are rooted in our solitary existence, in the difficulty of genuinely communicating, of truly understanding others. This image, I think, counsels compassion, and urges us to look for our likenesses, rather than our differences. Too, the image may imply that this is a comfortable silence–an acknowledgment, perhaps, of our ability to know one another without ever exchanging a word.