Dietmar Rabich

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Norderney, Nordsee am Oststrand — 2016

The outlook today, in that valley between eclipses, is just as uncertain, and volatile, as we might expect. The thing that jumps out at me is the way Uranus and a retro Mercury are sextile Mars=sudden, rash words or actions, thoughts that become choices almost before we know it, revolutionary ideas that shouldn’t be acted on right now (they’ll need a re-think, come Merc direct), and the urge to fight, maybe literally, or maybe with the idea that one’s thoughts are more progressive or modern and so need (aggressive) sharing, may come about. There’s also the way Venus sits at the Merc/ Mars midpoint, suggesting that our targets will be those people or things we genuinely care about–uh-oh. Proceed with extreme caution, as this can all occur very quickly–and if you have a natal point or planet at 13-17 Sagittarius, you are most likely to express the base energies to this Finger of God via the subjects of the contacted body–and you may be laser-like in thinking this needs to be said/ done! Try to lean in to the Cancer Moon, which is headed toward contact with Mars; if you can keep the importance of feelings and the need to caretake in mind, you’ll be a lot less likely to misstep.

Jupiter and Eris in Aries are together, and they’re square Pallas in Cancer–again, not terribly positive. The smart thing to do is remember that you care–difficult in the face of public outcry, exaggerating sh*t stirrers, and the strong temptation to put the Self and Self’s ‘knowledge’ (really beliefs) first. Don’t forget, though, that disturbances reflect already extant issues–so maybe the approach that this is an opportunity for revealing problems and cleansing the outlook is best adopted.

The Sun is also sextile Saturn, making us too aware of reality’s hard edges–so be kind, to yourself and others–it’s not as bad as it seems.

I’m taking some brief time away from the blog and social media (to write! So not exactly getting off the computers!) but will be back in time for the Lunar eclipse. All comments will be answered, and orders fulfilled, when I return to this machine 🙂 See you then, and as Bill and Ted used to say, Be excellent to each other!