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 © Tomas Castelazo, www.tomascastelazo.com / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

© Tomas Castelazo, http://www.tomascastelazo.com / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Sedna in Taurus is drawing our attention through relationships, finances, communications, our thinking, or all of them, showing us via material situations or those that relate to security (Taurus) where we need to observe and respond. The asteroid carries a variety of subtle meanings; she is the skeleton woman, representing the pattern of life-death-life, the great angakok (magician), and because she lies at the bottom of a cold Northern ocean, specifically points to our unused, misused, and disused life energies and impulses to create (especially those related to the anima of either sex). Her presence in the chart is revealing of what we may be aware of only unconsciously, or of matters we have pushed down or let go, allowing them to fall to the bottom of our own emotional and creative ocean–but they are there, lingering, exerting an influence, and so filling our perceptual ‘blind spot’, that area and those matters we just seem unable to perceive, in spite of the way they are typically obvious to everyone else. When brought to the surface (and this isn’t easily done) we gain power that may seem magical, but it’s only the strength of one who faces all their issues, ignoring nothing, accepting and so dealing with what we may prefer to remain unaware of.

On the 17th Venus is sesquiquadrate Sedna, and the Sun and Mercury, conjoined, are opposed it. This may present as rough relationship or financial doings about which we continue to maintain that we see and understand the situation clearly. Something is influencing our perceptions, and our thinking, and yet our own hidden matters are exerting their influence and we just can’t see how these are driving action and reaction in money or relationship matters, or in our own thinking; we are too busy believing it’s the other person, the money situation, or the assets themselves that are causing discord. The Sun’s contact to Sedna while conjoined with Mercury in Superior Conjunction gives us the opportunity to successfully bring one or more matters up from the depths and resolve them–if we’ll only acknowledge the influence they are having on our perceptions in the first place.

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