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GE Hicks 'Girl by the Shore' 1878 {{PD-Art}}

GE Hicks ‘Girl by the Shore’ 1878 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 7:46 PM PST of the 3rd; the Moon enters Capricorn at 10:50 PM PST December 3.

4 December brings our first true reactions to the surface linked to the New Moon; we see our ‘new’ place in Nature, we begin to assess the costs of change (some of which we judge to be decidedly unwise at this point), and we look to express our uniqueness without doing anything stupid. We are really just beginning to consider serious change (even if we feel like that’s all we’ve been doing!); we will begin assessing relationships in terms of the contact (or lack of it) they make with us at a Soul level. Our thoughts range far and wide, examining the possibilities for expansion into the future, and we get direct, material ‘hints’ as to what’s coming (watch for signs, symbolisms, and synchronicities!) It really is a day to think about ‘What Will Be’. (Uranus quincunx Pallas, Venus trine Sedna, sesquiquadrate Pallas, Sun sextile Ceres, Mercury enters Sagittarius)

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