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'Summer on the Dunes'NF Schiottz-Jensen 1913 {{PD-Art}}

‘Summer on the Dunes’ NF Schiottz-Jensen 1913 {{PD-Art}}

Noon Pacific the Capricorn Moon trines Sedna and conjuncts Venus. We can connect deeply with the Love concept, and so with those around us, through spirit and the intense connections we all share through life-death-life. This can make for a beautiful and co-operative environment and an exercise of genuine sympathies, though don’t expect much to be overt–this is the kind of connecting that’s wordless, in the ether, and may result more in an atmosphere than in action. 9 PM PST the Moon trines Mars; taking action, especially constructive action or moving to restrict or deny (Cappy Moon) is easy, but so is getting angry or impatient when impediments surface. Channel the energy consciously into things that take a lot of brio and push, for best results. Void begins at 9:33 PM PST; the Moon enters Aquarius at 10:54 PM PST.

Today’s image is an inflatable beach ball. It’s typical that we try to make every moment ‘count’–even our meditation has a purpose. How long has it been since you engaged in something with no point whatsoever? Consider purposely setting aside a time each day to just be, perhaps with an activity that serves nothing and no one, including yourself. You may be surprised at what finds its way into that gap, introduces itself, and changes your life.

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