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'The Great Sacrifice' the setting for Stravinsky's 'Sacred Spring' {{PD}}

‘The Great Sacrifice’ the setting for Stravinsky’s ‘Sacred Spring’ {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs at 4:22 PM Pacific time on the 2nd at 10 Sagittarius 59: ‘Thanksgiving’. It forms a Grand Cross/ Grand Square with Earth and the opposition between Pallas and Chiron; the New Moon also semi-sextiles Pluto, trines Uranus, and sextiles Ceres. This suggests to me a new, personal ‘power arrangement’ in our world, one that arises from wisdom and healing, the use of unique skills, a certain amount of desire or willingness to take on the hard tasks, a sense of being uniquely suited to lead, to contribute to the group, and/ or to innovate, and an understanding of Nature and one’s position within it. In its essence, this NM is like a culmination, bringing together long-term developments within the individual Being and fitting them to a new role in the life situation—so that’s what’s born at this time, a new way of being and seeing ourselves, and this may come about through stress, conflict, a recognition of nature in our lives, or a need for unique Self-expression.

(A side note here: when I write of nature, our interaction with it and our role within it, I’m talking in large part about the way biology intrudes on consciousness; I’m talking about instances where a physical experience with a biological component such as learning one is pregnant, suffering a career-ending injury, or being diagnosed with cancer can change our way of relating to the world, can change our approach, our actions, our feelings, and even our beliefs)

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