While Juno in the individual chart speaks of Self-empowerment (for women) and the empowerment specifically of the anima (in men), it also plays a significant role in laying out the territory and feelings inherent to a partnership or mating scenario. Juno will interact in a very particular way that relates to the individuals involved, and can explain a great deal about our responses to certain people; why did he marry her, when they seem so disparate? His Juno conjuncts her Sun, her Juno squares his Mars. Do they fight? Likely yes, for just as Zeus and Juno entered a power struggle in perpetuity once the 300 year honeymoon was over, this pair is likely to do the same, as her sense of Self-empowerment particular to relationship confronts his sense of himself as a man, and his idea of ‘wifely’ behavior responds to the Soul essence of who she is (Sun), seeing her very much as a mate.

Juno shows up in other interactions, as well. The people who work together, have no romantic connection, but who bicker and spar like an old married couple may have a strong Juno link; likewise two females who share a ‘power arena’ may struggle for supremacy, even when one is clearly designated as having a dominant position (such as the boss).  Juno works to stir the desire for Self-empowerment even as it is scanning the horizon for a threat to its position; think of Juno repeatedly learning of the infidelity of her mate, and all the ways she tried to trick, capture, thwart, or discourage Zeus in this behavior.

A brief Juno power sketch is provided by looking at the charts of the late former President Ronald Reagan (6 February 1911, 4:16 AM, Tampico IL) and his second wife, Nancy (6 July 1921, 1:18 PM, Manhattan NY). Her Juno is conjunct his Capricorn Mars in his 1st, her 3rd–she could communicate through him, while he identified with her Self-empowerment–she may even have carried a bit of his animus for him, allowing the ‘aw shucks’ persona to play possum in terms of responsibility (think Iran-Contra) and power (and this is supported later, as you’ll see). His Juno conjuncted her North Node in Libra in his 10th, her 1st–could there be a more obvious signature for a ‘fated’ perception to the marriage, both as a personal destiny (her) or as a public and career destiny (him). His Juno/ Pluto trine shows just how seriously he saw his marriage as a boon to his power, and vice versa, while his Pluto conjunct her Mars, and her Pluto opposed his Mars, hint at the orgy of power and Self-interest that may have fueled them both. With seven of her placements falling in his 7th, he may have felt irretrievably drawn to her, particularly since many of these are conjunct his Neptune–could he see her clearly? Probably not. Her Neptune is conjunct his Earth and opposed his Sun, so she probably didn’t see him clearly, either, but she may have had the capacity to make him see himself as she idealized (or fantasized) him to be. A powerful set of contacts, where most of the power struggles were likely kept between them and centered on how he would express himself as a man (her Juno conjunct his Mars), and what would be effective to take her in her destined direction (his Juno conjunct her North Node).

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