I thought a re-print of this in reference to current activity in the sky and our previous discussion of the Jupiter/ Pluto cycle might be of interest; it first appeared at Yahoo 360 December 12, 2007

For the last few days I’ve been looking into the real life effects of the last Jupiter/ Pluto conjunction as experienced by myself, and by friends, relatives, and clients. I wasn’t just curious about what to expect; I wanted to know about that most illusive of astrological subjects, timing. Did your Jupiter/ Pluto experience occur immediately, as the aspect perfected? Was it a single event or change, or did the transformation come over time? Was the change within, from without, or some of both? These were some of the questions I’ve been asking, and the answers for the most part were surprisingly consistent: it seems, rather than a big, splashy trauma, most people described the effects as spreading out from the point of the conjunction like ripples on water. Though the conjunction itself was fraught with tension, not much in terms of immediate change occurred; only later did the reverberations come in waves that pushed people to make major decisions or commitments, to decide life-altering or life-determining alternatives, and to go forward in ways that made for deep, permanent, and fundamental change in the way they view themselves. All this came from compelling inner energies interacting with the individual’s current circumstances. This is the most important part of what I heard: that the changes springing from this time were ones that shaped Self-concept in a major way–that we saw ourselves, our abilities, and what we are capable of in a new light; not necessarily what we’d expect from a textbook reading of transiting Jupiter and Pluto conjunct.

Last night I saw a movie again that I had seen many years ago when it first came out, and looking into the subject of the movie, I drew a possible connection to the Jupiter/ Pluto conjunction at 20 Cancer of late 1930 through mid-1931, with an orb lasting either side of these points. The movie, ‘Carrington,’ centered on a member of the Bloomsbury circle, painter Dora Carrington (born 29 March 1893, no time available, Hereford, England) and her relationships, particularly her interaction with live-in gay companion Lytton Strachey. Even by the open standards of their social circle, which preached acceptance of all sexuality and no jealousy, these two had an unusual relationship. Despite any number of lovers for either, each behaved as the partner of the other, with Dora clearly in denial of the lack of potential for a full physical relationship, right through to Lytton’s death January 21, 1932. Always in precarious health, Lytton Strachey hid the seriousness of his illness as long as possible, with it becoming evident in the period of Jupiter conjunct Pluto. The day he died Dora had transiting Neptune sextile Uranus, ruler of the 7th, quite literally dissolving the partnership; the conjunction had occurred in Dora’s 12th, perhaps compelling the need to eventually face up to the true domestic/ emotional state (Cancer) that she likely was aware of all along but hid from herself (12th House). Lytton’s illness and death triggered a long-brewing despair in Dora, who had been feeling more and more the outsider as others found relationships with those for whom they had a true passion, while it became more and more evident that she was missing something that she would never have with Lytton, despite their feelings for each other. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt (she was saved by her husband, who was in residence with his mistress), she finally succeeded in ending her life March 11, 1932. At her death transiting Neptune was conjunct her Moon exact, Jupiter was exactly trine natal Mercury, Saturn had just moved up above the Descendant and sextiled her natal Venus at 00 Aries (and this placement itself suggests a newness to her expression as a female that would have made rough going in a Mars ruled sign–in fact, she many times expressed a wish that she were a man). Though a terribly unhappy example, this is a version of the kind of major changes, both internal and external, that can emerge, sometimes only reaching fruition months down the line, with Jupiter/ Pluto.

In my own case, the Jupiter/ Pluto conjunction of 13 years ago brought major change for me with the purchase of our first house, the decision to look, choosing, and making an offer proceeding at lightning speed, with initial action coming about a month after the conjunction and huge change put in place (the actual move) less than a month after that. We ended a nomadic existence that had taken us across continents for the previous 10 years, changed our views of ourselves by becoming suburban dwellers, and setting the stage for enormous financial changes over the next year.

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