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I can’t do it better than this! http://judecowell.wordpress.com/2008/12/15/winter-solstice-2008-sun-cap-moon-libra/

This weekend, the Sun is in the last degrees of Sagittarius and coming to conjunction with Pluto–look for tension when ‘reaching out’ to others–it’s just the way it is, and you may find yourself feeling touchy as well. Don’t take it personally; look to the spirit of the lovely Libra Moon and approach contacts with a stance of co-operation, fairness, and loving connection, and you may see problems disappear. x-ray_sun1 

Other notable notes: work with Saturn quincunx Neptune, to fashion reality to fit your dreams; Venus sesquiquadrates the Earth and helps bring values, relationships, and earning situations ‘down to Earth’–that’s good, as it means we’ll easily see where and how to adjust things to our liking; Mars sextiles Neptune, marrying action to imagination and inspiration; Juno sextiles Uranus, empowering the uniqueness within each of us, and making interaction of the empowered individual with the group profitable for both; Vesta trine Pluto says it will be easy to do needed deep cleaning and regeneration on the home front, in the sex life, and in activities related to those causes to which we’re dedicated, and we won’t have any trouble seeing how to proceed here, either, as the Sun comes along to light the way.

We have some very helpful energies available to us right now, especially if we’re looking to create and to cleanse, so access these with the thought of enhancing your life, and remember that what inspires you, and what you aspire to, can be made manifest, though a cautionary point is in order: the subconscious, via Neptune, can be especially active right now, so if something comes forward that you believe you’d never have asked for–think again!