There were some excellent topics searched for this week; let’s get started!

Can I get a job if Jupiter is transiting my 1st?

My first thought here was, why wouldn’t you? Jupiter would, barring other circumstances, bring opportunity to you as you contact the world. The main, job-destroying possibility with the planet of expansion and abundance moving through your 1st might be seated in the personality; since 1st House traits will be exaggerated as Jupiter moves through, seeking a job where your personality might need to be downplayed may put you at a disadvantage. For instance, if you’re being considered to model clothing, the designer wouldn’t want a model who takes attention from his or her designs. This isn’t about you doing anything in particular; it’s about others’ perceptions of the persona you use to meet life. And, if you suffer from any unfortunate personality ‘tics’ these could be overblown, and be off-putting to an employer–a normally harmless tendency to chatter when nervous, for example, could become voluminous and signal (incorrectly) to a prospective employer that you lack Self-control. So, the best ‘defense’ for a Jupiter 1st House transit when seeking employment is a keen awareness of how you come across–in which case some brutally honest friends and a video camera might be your biggest help in interview preparation.

What is the effect of Mercury combust the Sun on career?

This is a great question, and also impossible to answer with any specificity without an individual chart, so we’ll look at what we can surmise generally. Combustion is when a planet is between 17 minutes and 8.5 degrees from conjunction with the Sun (less than 17 minutes is another condition, cazimi, and a condition extending out from 8.5 degrees is known as Under the Sunbeams). It’s not unusual for Mercury to sit combust the Sun, considering how closely they travel together. Opinions on span of influence and on effects vary widely; in my view, combustion suggests that the Soul (Sun) is ‘in charge’ of the communication function (Mercury), rather than, as in a typical conjunction, which functions as a fusing of the two energies. Because of this, much of the effect will depend on the sign in which this occurs. I’ve seen combustion result, in the case of Mercury, in a scenario where the essence and manner of the Sun seems to override the purity of the communication function. For instance, if the combustion occurs in Libra, the individual may exhibit an emphasis in communication on relationships and relating that takes a highly subjective view, where the person is constantly measuring her or his communications and the impact they have on others–it’s as if Mercury can’t  function in any objective way–the Sun’s bias is always there, coloring everything said, done, thought, and processed. This can, on the other hand, make for Soul’s ability to communicate itself that is eloquent and very true to the individual’s intent–so in some careers this can be a great asset. We can’t forget that the Houses ruled by Mercury and the Sun will play a big role in delineating where this expression (or its lack) will show up.

How do Capricorns show they’re into you?

Wait a minute–weren’t you here last week? (See previous post, ‘What You’re Asking’). Capricorn, Capricorn, Capricorn–you’re the star right now, as the Sun prepares to enter your territory, and this seeker wants to know how you show your interest. I’ve got one word to describe a Capricorn who wants to get to know you: serious! You’ll likely get a lighter, initial approach (Capricorn will play it cool, if Venus sits in Aquarius, or act the bon vivant if Venus is in Sagittarius) but she or he will quickly get down to brass tacks. The primitive types will try to push you to commit immediately, and may even try clubbing you and dragging you into their rocky hideaway; run from this one at all costs. The healthy ones are cautious. Because they take even the most casual commitment so seriously, Capricorn may eye you for awhile before approaching–but when Cappy makes his or her mind up, there’s no mistaking their goal of making things solid, establishing rules and boundaries, and building a little love nest together. You’ll notice Capricorn when they’re finally ready for a relationship; Cappy will be the one standing ramrod straight at the back of the room, grim-faced and determined, clutching a bouquet of posies, hoping to win your attention, and your love.

Bonus hint on keeping Capricorn’s love: never ever ever embarrass them.

In what way is fame connected to the 5th House?

Signatures within the chart indicating fame are as individual as the persons who attain this, and are so intimately connected to the reasons they’ve attained that fame that it’s impossible to suggest ‘fame indicators’ ahead of time. My personal feeling is that people tend to make much too much of the 5th House in terms of potentials for creativity, which so many of us see as vital to positive attainments of fame; the 5th is below the horizon, a personal area, and in that way is indicative of seed, of potential, to some extent–but seed needs water, sunlight, the right conditions, to avoid attack from pests and disease–and all these ‘growing’ conditions are found elsewhere, and tell the real story of 5th House potentials. As well, creativity is found in many other areas of the chart, so I see the 5th as a repository of mostly unconscious creativity, that ‘leaks’ out via the connections to other points; after all, creativity is a very vague concept–without shape, form, impetus it’s really just a notion, a wisp of idea with no innate push to become concrete–other energies drive that. Think of 5th House potentials as you do the potential to have children, another 5th House subject, and you’ll see how much energy and intent are needed to turn creative potential into creative accomplishment.

That said, we can suggest a few things that might fall into the fame mix: prominent or angular Pluto is common, perhaps because these people are in some way driven, and certainly they in some way interact with or attract power and power positions; Saturn in some relative strength in the chart–this suggests a modicum of Self-discipline (in instances of fame achieved, rather than stumbled into accidentally), also that the world may take one seriously, and that one can make some impact on reality; the chart ruler (ruler of the Ascendant) prominent in the chart, suggesting a force of personality; the Midheaven and/ or Sun usually vital to the aspects that show what the individual is famous for; and some significant Nodal involvement with the other energies. Just some suggestions, of course–it’s up to the individual, not the chart, to take what we’re endowed with and shape it into something worthy of the regard of the rest of humanity.