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There were so many great topics this week, I’m going to be doing this in two parts, and keeping answers brief (at least for me!) First up:

Is it okay to travel when Mercury is retrograde?

Excellent question, the kind of thing we think about when we try to apply astrology to real life, and find that sometimes it gets in the way! Why would travel be prohibited? Chiefly because Mercury rules movement, transportation, and in retrograde hitches are common, so we have a smaller chance of things running smoothly at this time, in a mechanical sense, and the electrical systems of vehicles can be more testy than usual, as well. But I think the real difficulty lies in the planning and communication aspect of things; inevitably, we think we’ve planned carefully for our moving day, only to find our route is blocked by a three-hour parade, or we agree to be at that place by the thing where we went that time, for lunch, and we think that means 12, and our meetee thinks lunch starts at 1. Where mechanical hold-ups can be addressed, and even anticipated, with a little care, it’s the thought processes behind our travel that may suffer, and upon which we can have least conscious effect.

Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend travel, particularly the kind where we’re at the mercy of a form of transport where we are not in charge (such as an airline or train) or where we’re at the whim of someone who may speed along well ahead of schedule and miss us (like a bus). Of course, there’s no reason to stop living life, just be prepared to deal with glitches and difficulties as they arise; typically the biggest problem is delay, and in this case, a little flexibility in expectations goes a long way. Best methodology for coping during travel on Mercury retrograde: use your intuition (Venus) in the moment; where the mind is muddled on the retrograde, the intuition is right on, and can, if accessed, make the trip an easy, and sense-filled, delight.

For more on activity during Mercury retrograde, see this https://juliedemboski.wordpress.com/re-examining-mercury-retrograde/

What is the combust degree for each planet?

Since we measure combustion from only one source, the Sun, all planets and bodies are considered combust within the same frame: 17 minutes from exactitude to 8.5 degrees, and other bodies cannot be combust each other–if we say “Mars is combust Venus,” well, we’re speaking gibberish! Closer than 17 minutes to the Sun is cazimi, a condition of fusion that is believed to greatly strengthen a planet. For more on the whys of all this, see https://juliedemboski.wordpress.com/mercury-combust-and-retrograde/

What are the likely health effects of Jupiter in Aquarius?

This question is highly individual, depending on how Jupiter and Aquarius are hooked into the health picture of the natal chart. We can venture a few guesses, though, mainly on what may be more susceptible at this time; for example, Jupiter rules the liver, and Aquarius is a fixed Air sign–under the ‘right’ circumstances in an individual’s chart, this could signal a hepatic embolism, or CNS damage (Aquarius) that comes from or causes liver damage; we might even see the pain of the intellectual situation spurring some toward drink; or when we look for society-wide effects, with Aquarius ruling the higher functions, and Jupiter symbolizing expansion and the social order, advances in autism studies and therapies are possible, or perhaps we’ll see a resurgence of interest in ‘remote viewing’ experimentation, or in good old mental health programs, and we may see fads in the direction of outdoor recreation, perhaps involving Jupiter’s big animals, such as equestrian events, or for international events, such as chess–or, Mathlympics, anyone?

How do I seduce a Venus in Capricorn?

Hey, is this the same person who asks about Capricorn every week? Haven’t you given up on Cappy yet? Or are Capricorns the latest irresistible sign, with their frowns and rules and big bulging wallets. Well, no matter, let’s see what we can do here. Venus tells us what appeals to someone; it explains their tastes in a sensual way, what’s pleasing, what’s appealing. We take a chance when we look only at Venus’ sign, though, as contacts can tell a much more effective story: Venus in Scorpio says they want a little mystery, but if that Venus is connected to Pluto, we might see a preference for dangerous sex (sex with strangers, sex on cliffs, sex in public), a taste for S/ M, or just someone who associates (sadly) pain, punishment, or destruction with love (and not even with sex, at that). So, Venus in Capricorn suggests the appeal of security, of rules and ‘safe’ words (in bed, or at a party, like when you say in the presence of your partner, “I love cupcakes!” when you desperately want to leave) and Cap finds the beauty in order and constraint–you can flirt with Venus in Capricorn by simply lifting an eyebrow, crisply serving a summons, or folding his or her laundry, really really neatly.

Seduction, however, is another matter; since seduction is about persuading, in essence gaining control of another, or at least drawing them to do your bidding, it is the antithesis of what Venus in Capricorn is about: he or she is in control of the sensual, of love and sex, thank you very much, and the goaty Venus will resist (and resent) mightily any attempt to connect that smacks of you having more control than they. So, the seduction scenario of Venus in Cap isn’t promising, because if they even get an inkling that they’re being seduced, they will bound up the rocky ledge of indifference and cold shoulder you until you go away. So, I’m sending all who are interested over to the experts at Sasstrology http://sasstrology.com/2008/09/astrology-of-kink-complex-capricorn.html  Or, for relationship analysis that gets into the whys and wherefores of attraction http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com  Happy goat herding!

More to come!