JupiterSometimes we just need to feel that aid will come; I don’t mean that we’ll be rescued, as this is an understandable wish under many conditions, but not a healthy response to real problems, in the end. No, I mean we all need to feel, when we are in the midst of despair, that there are others who will muster their Will for us, who will say, “We can tackle it this way, we can go at it that way, and you are not alone.” Astrologically we see this most strongly in a Jupiter transit; help can come in a variety of forms: assistance from the social sphere, from those who are ‘bigger,’ from those who feel generous toward us, from those who would like to share their knowledge, educate us, or inculcate us with their religious fervor, or from those who act out a Zeus-ian role, perhaps quite literally appearing to us as if they can do anything–and of course wherever Jupiter is by House and sign in the natal chart will hint at others who may be available to help us (for instance, Jupiter in Capricorn may consistently bring authorities to our aid, while Jupiter in the 9th could suggest help from in-laws, the clergy, or one’s teachers), and in synastry those whose Jupiter touches something significant in our chart (particularly the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, chart ruler, or Venus) may assume that they are meant to help us in time of need, even to be loving and generous at all times. And, withJupiter increasingly being recognized as active at death, we must also acknowledge that the transcendence this energy offers can go beyond earthly problems, bringing under the right circumstances, perhaps, the ultimate healing.

Why talk about this? If we’re in a dark period, the one thing we need to remember is that things will change; that is the essence of hope, that there is reason to persevere, and nothing represents this better than Jupiter. If we are under pressure now, we can look to its next transit point for clues as to where relief might be found (and even if we’re not, we can see where opportunity may present itself). Now, I’m very much someone who believes that the answers are within–but, I’ve found that when we seek to do our best at the interior level, when we are oriented toward a loving stance (and it’s not enough to just avoid doing harm, we must actively meet our challenges with honesty and openness and a pure, good intent), then we often find our exterior world aligning to provide that aid or guidance or assistance we seek. Jupiter can bring a lightning bolt of inspiration, as well, of a very practical kind–bits of knowledge coalesce and in a flash we see the answer to our problem, and we can easily access the accumulated knowledge of those who came before. So, with Jupiter’s influence we can expect an array of possibilities that can expand or open up choice and alternatives, can offer the information needed to deal with things, and can offer freedom, particularly the kind that comes when we find a successful framework within which to solve our problems.

Jupiter has connection to the spirit, as well–witness the way it defines the invisible social fabric that connects us all, the way it embodies the religious spirit (giving some a framework to relate to the spiritual and to All That Is), and the way it has come to designate the greatest and most mysterious journey we’ll undertake, death. Optimism, a spiritual freedom of its own, is very much a part of the Jupiter energy. In part 2 I’ll discuss the chart of someone who embodies the Jupiter we’ve discussed here, and who has made a life work of bringing aid, both materially and spiritually, to others.