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I was listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer (http://www.drwaynedyer.com/) speak this morning on Purpose; how we as individuals are prone to continually ask, ‘What is my Purpose?’ (at least, those who have reached the stage of considering such things–though I tend to think even those who are totally unconscious in their Beingness are ‘working the Universe’ the same as everyone else, with the same goals and intentions, though their true goals are much more likely to remain unknown to them!) and Dr. Dyer says that the asking of the question is our Purpose trying to re-connect with us; and in tandem with this, he quoted a teacher of his (the name escapes me– apologies to this individual) who, when queried on how he could experience peace when others suffered all around the globe, replied, in essence, that nothing in his life was an accident. Together, these two ideas, that our Purpose is at every moment trying to connect to us, and that nothing is unintentional, combine to suggest that, even in our darkest, most misguided, or confused moments we are seeking to make contact with our Purpose, and that nothing we do is without point, without an opportunity to express who we are and why we’re here.

So, we can approach the idea of Purpose in a very simple, straightforward way: the Purpose for each and every one of us is this: to add to the World. That’s all. The term ‘Purpose’ is almost useless when we look at it this way, as the inclination is to believe that purpose itself comes from the outside, like being cast in a role in a movie, or as if it’s something with almost magical properties for happiness (possibly that we chose pre-birth) and that now, if we can just discover it, all elements of our life will fall into place–no more problems, serenity NOW!–while if we see it as ‘what we add to the World,’ we see that it consists of literally every thought, word, and deed, and that all of these are a matter of personal choice, with total control and responsibility (the ability to respond) falling squarely to ourselves.

And now, a bevy of excellent contributions to the World:

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And a few notes on upcoming influences:

Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune are all paddling in reverse right now as fast as they (figuratively) can, which I anticipate means it’s a form of ‘every energy for itself’! Expect these to seemingly pop up on the grassy knoll of your life like a lone assassin (though of course we know they really aren’t working alone), with each bringing to matters of the House transited and/ or the natal energy contacted the following: Jupiter bringing the tendency to exaggerate or overdo (or perhaps broadcast indiscriminately), Chiron struggling to control the sense or possibility of wounding, and Neptune making it at least as tough for you to see clearly as it was for Michael Jackson’s kids when they were still veiled, masked, or, like the little one, wearing a blanket, translated as your own private sense-muffling Idaho, which of course only confuses us all the more with the onset of Merc retro. Just take it easy, would be my admonition.

Venus is sextile Ceres (love, relationships, finances, or values must be negotiated, and/ or nature takes a gentle, season-changing swing at our assets or what we love); Venus then sesquiquadrates Juno the 7th and 8th (this demands adjustment of assets, relationships, or values to accommodate the needed empowerment position); and then Venus quincunxes Earth, and they travel in aspect together now through the 15th (we can’t avoid rearranging or modifying Venusian subjects as required either by our current material circumstances or by what we must seek in order to create a more copacetic material environment).

Thanks, everyone–you’ve all been incredibly supportive and encouraging as I ease off online engagement–though as you can see, I’ll still be back plenty–have a great week!

Just in case you’re wondering, I used hitchhiker’s screen name in the tags only because, though I know her actual name, it’s not even hinted at on her site–so I thought discretion was in order.