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Marshall McLuhan posited this: that what delivers the information is a vital part of the message itself, inextricable from the content and meaning of the communique. (Communique–great word! Last time the Collective received one, I believe it was from the Symbionese Liberation Army–that was back when revolutionary spirit showed some panache–now it’s split between people willing to wear explosives in their underwear, and those waving teabags. I not only kid, I digress.)

So, the medium being an integral part of the message is what we may face today, on the meeting of Sun and retrograde Mercury at Inferior Conjunction. This occurs at 14 and change of Capricorn; the Sabian is ‘In a hospital, the children’s ward is full of toys’ This image suggests that, in an arena of life that is redolent of sadness, pain, and discomfort, we find the opportunity for lightheartedness, for play, and the release and renewal these bring. Notice, though, there is no mention of people within the hospital; it’s as if we are presented with the scene, and must populate it ourselves–and in this way we’ll be offered a ‘vessel’ for the message of the Inferior Conjunction, where the meaning is found as much in the way and means of the offering as in the actual content–and it will be up to us to ‘populate’ what’s brought forward with meaning particular to our own circumstances.

Vague enough for ya? Here’s an example: this morning the lawyer for the man who attempted to extort talk-show host David Letterman is now claiming what he calls ‘The Tiger Woods Defense,’ wherein we are supposed to believe this: that if it’s okay for Tiger’s paramours to ask for money from him, then it’s okay for his client to ask for money from Letterman. Quoi? you might reasonably ask; what is this guy thinking? Here’s where we must notice that he’s floating this theory (that the whole extortion attempt isn’t criminal, it’s capitalism at its finest!) on morning television–and he knows it has no validity. What’s our clue? He’s bringing this assertion to television, not court–and what is television but entertainment, in the final analysis, and a means of building public opinion. Dan Abrams put it best (and I paraphrase): “It’s like saying that getting a loan from a bank is the same as robbing one.”

You get my drift. The only aspects to the conjunction within two degrees are a square from Zeus, and a conjunction from Venus. These suggest that the message and its medium will be a power play, a Zeusian attempt to control or intimidate, and that this will bring something Venusian to the fore: reward, an awareness of love, relationship realities, a knowledge of the worth of something.

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