I’ve decided to try a daily diary-style format for a bit; seems like I’ve been out of contact a little too much of late, though I know it’s irrational to perceive writing to an audience as the kind of exchange one experiences speaking with others-and yet I do. So, what do we have to look forward to over the coming 24? We’re starting things off with a Moon/ Uranus opposition, Moon quincunx Chiron, which is not only perfect symbology for spontaneous expression of emotion/intuition, and the potential for a demand made on the wound or the skills, it shows the ambush I just received by email: a guy “wanting some insight” on what he perceived to be a very profound moment coming up in his chart. Having absolutely no patience, I wrote quickly to say he should see the ‘Want More’ page; he wrote back, saying no thanks, he didn’t think my time was worth paying for, he thought I would want to do it because I would want to write an article about this upcoming config and, apparently, his breathtaking bad Self! I didn’t want to devote the energy to writing back to inform him that this transit configuration is of course happening to everyone (and I’m sure he’d have time to snap back that he knows this, as he doesn’t appear to have much going on–like all the people who write astrologers looking for free analysis–honestly, would you say to your doctor, I’d like some insight on these symptoms, but I shouldn’t have to pay you, because you can use this in a medical journal!?) The conjunction of Jupiter/ Uranus and their opp by Saturn later in the year will be stressful for some, challenging for others, and carry the spring-tension of a drawn bow, poised to send them hurtling forward, for still others, but it’s not, as Mr M put it, ‘a tipping point’ in any absolute sense; he threw in a square from Pluto for June, too, but let’s not get sloppy! It will be a rare human being for whom this doesn’t have some effect, as is typical when heavyweights form geometric shapes (in the flat chart) in the sky, but let’s not get our panties in a twist. It reminded me of those years when I thought I still wanted to focus on fiction; at parties or gatherings inevitably people would share what they do, and when I’d be feeling adventurous (as I’m more than aware of the pitfalls of declaring something like this in public) and admit that I’m a writer, there’d always be one or two people who would corner me at some point and insist on sharing elaborate (and typically unusually banal) story ideas or plots, and then would cheerfully declare, “You can use that, and I won’t even charge you for it!” I am continually amazed at the general lack of understanding of the creative/ generative processes displayed by the average yokel; a small, totally evil part of me always longed to thank them for sharing what a complete Tool they are–but you aren’t toolish, are you, dear reader? You’ll understand.

But you’re here to find out about your day. The Moon’s quincunx to Neptune brings confusion, a need to adjust fantasy to emotional reality, or a tiny punch to the emotions/ intuition from the ideals, reminding us what we’re really about. The Virgo Moon calls it a wrap with a quincunx to Jupiter; will the social arena demand adjustment, or will we broadcast what we feel, despite our better judgment? Or will we just follow the impetus to expand, that may promise us some emotional relief? Then we’ll see a Void, beginning 4:30-ish PM PST and lasting through 8:58 PM PST–suggesting we should sit back, relax, and not be too focused on controlling that which is clearly out of our reach.

Moon into Libra is not always as soothing as it sounds–sometimes we are put into the tension of a perpetual balancing act as we diplomatically try to please everyone. Don’t let this be you! The Moon will square Pluto by 2 AM PST of the 6th, conjunct Saturn by 4–we may be caught up in ‘iron fist in velvet glove’ syndrome, with a contest (or two) of Will v Will likely.

Anything else for today? Not really, though my attention is drawn to retro Mars as it forms a quincunx with the Sun; this may illuminate our wrong-headed actions, our missteps, and may give us a chance to course-correct before there’s any damage, or anyone else even knows. Gee, thanks, Mars!

Featured Post: http://astrologyexpressed.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/the-mighty-neptune/ I can attest to the link between Neptune and allergies–but Neeti just said nice things about my post, while describing herself as a “half-wit” due to allergy medication–should I be reading between the lines here? Just kidding! Please go check out her observations, if you haven’t already. I’m going to link to at least one outstanding post a day–so watch for this as a regular feature.