I don’t mean the situation with Uranus, though its current sesquiquadrate to Pallas and trine to the South Node do speak of some need to adjust the impulses to accomodate what we know to be smart, as well as what we’ve learned from past experience–no, that’s a helpful situation, if we’re responsive to it; I mean an escalation of social ‘nerve,’ the kind that relies on our conditioning toward civility and polite response to allow someone else to over run us. This, I think, is Jupiterian. Yesterday we saw a quincunx from the Moon light this up; now, as planet of latest degree, we see Jupiter come forward coupled with the ongoing effects of conjunction to Chiron and Neptune, showing in startling ways that require we step outside our conditioning (and sometimes our politeness boundaries) in order to deal with them effectively, and in a way that respects our personal individuality. Jupiter (behavior acceptable publicly) plus Neptune (those who would deceive or confuse) plus Chiron (let’s just say, it’s not gonna help you!) are the elements some pulled out of their bags of tricks.

The full pic from which the header comes

For me, this showed in several ways; remember that a**hat yesterday who asked for free chart work, then told me he was just doing me a favor? He added me to his spam list, attempting to sell me a raw foods seminar in Maui and lots of podcasts. I’m about ready to name this guy publicly; I’d just hate to promote his ‘business’ in any way. For most of his life he was a failed (as in working in towns so small I’d never heard of them) radio talk show host, who got an ND and jumped on the raw foods bandwagon (and no offense meant to those who are into this; my point is that he has used this like camouflage)–when you put his past and present together, what comes to consciousness is how everything he does is about promoting himself, first and foremost–though of course, he would have us think otherwise. And, he has counted on my socialization (1. that I’m a female, taught to want to please, and 2. the particular, popular misconception that those who work in ‘New Age’ related disciplines are just here to share their ‘gifts,’ they are driven to ‘help,’ never mind making a living, which means they’ll do anything for publicity, and are just waiting to demonstrate, kostenlos, what they can do) not only to make me provide free services, but for me not to broadcast what a crass Self-promoter this fool is, because I think he believes I should be humiliated that he let me know my services aren’t worth paying for. He has misjudged me; I have a fierce and fearless core that is not loathe to face down anything or anyone even, or perhaps especially, in public, where each party can show openly who they are, and let the chips fall where they may, including the judgments of others. Maybe it’s my Sun/ Mars/ Jupiter conjunction that makes me feel so jaunty and formidable 🙂

Just before the Moon quincunxed Jupiter yesterday, I looked out my window and saw a tall woman in an oversized trench coat. She held something close to her body, hidden under the coat, and moved quickly from the grass on one side of the house to a place toward the center of our large lot (it’s about a quarter of an acre, not easy to wander to the middle of), next to the garage and very close to the back door. I opened the door and told her to get out of my yard; she was clearly not in distress, and there’s no way she could’ve mistaken it for a park! She turned and started yelling at me that I should be nicer when kicking people out of my yard–and she didn’t move. I reiterated; she continued to yell. Her words were the words of a practiced manipulator or abuser, caught in the act–the first thing this kind of person will do when confronted is tell you how bad you are. Finally I said, “You’re trespassing–get out” and calling it what it was, an illegal act, did make her move–after I said it twice! I know this is a small incident, but unnerving; I live in a big city, but neighborhoods are very contained here–you get to know everyone who passes by on a regular basis, and I had never seen this woman before. She was a test of my Jupiterian mettle, daring me to call her what she was, taunting me to live up to my social conditioning–and instead treat her like someone to be catered to, rather than the Neptunian bullsh*tter that she was.

So enough about the past–what about today? That Libra Moon has yet to conjunct Zeus and square Merc, Venus, and the Sun–why all the conflict, during a time when the surface says all should be going smoothly? I think the biggest problem is a confusion of energies–major energies in a cluster (and we know what word goes along with that) can start to stumble over one another, and our emotional stance challenges each energy in turn–and they’re all wearing the same damn hat, pretending to be in harmony when it would be easier to understand them if we saw that each energy has its own agenda, and so demands an independent take. We have the energy and impetus to sort them out and address them one by one (Moon sextile Mars) and we’ll be glad if we do; otherwise we may feel the Juno/ Vesta exact quincunx acutely, and this could signal power and Self-assertion needs that upset the relationship, home, values, and yes, sex apple-carts (and please, send me pics of your sex apple-carts and I’ll share them here).

My header, by the by, is by one of my favorite artists, Marc Chagall. There’s some controversy about the actual name of this picture; he painted so many wedding pictures (you can see the top of the bride’s head on the right) that many of the designators have become jumbled over the years. It’s the gentleness of Chagall’s work, though, that has always called me–plus I love that he uses a lot of chickens!

Today’s link: Check out Dana’s work here http://mooncircles.com/blog/  Read both ‘The Wrath of the Feminine’ and ‘Slowing Down’ for a delicious exercise in perception and contrasts!

Have a great one!