It’s an interesting day, with the oddest mix of excellent indicators and major blind spots, and the question becomes, What will we respond to?

7 AM-1 PM there’s a Grand Trine in Air formed by the Moon, Sun, and Saturn. This brings great stability to the mental faculties while enlightening us on the very best way to deal with our reality. Saturn does, in fact, enjoy very positive aspects, including a trine to the Moon and Sun, as mentioned, a corresponding sextile to the Earth, and a trine to Venus, all very very good. However, Saturn isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; the Old Man happens to be involved in a Fist of God with Pluto and apex Sedna, and this suggests our biggest difficulties center on our ability to perceive which facets of reality, which structures, rules, and institutions actually should be changed or destroyed. There’s nothing we can do about this, except take advantage of the Grand Trine as it ‘lights the way,’ because it’s the only thing that will allow us adequate perspective, if only briefly and temporarily.

An unusual view of Saturn; thanks, NASA

Other highlights: Venus opposed Mars and Mercury quincunx Mars=the Will and possibly the ego take a beating; the action urge is subjected to values, relationship, and talent hang-ups, and communication rubs everyone the wrong way. Keep in mind that Mercury is racing toward a T-square with Zeus and Juno–what we say and think, or the Trickster himself, will soon play havoc in the balance of power within relationship–so over the next week or so a mild approach to communication and communion is advisable.

Today’s Link: Auntie Moon tells us all about Aquarius http://auntiemoon.wordpress.com/2010/01/19/symbols-of-aquarius/#more-3395

And have a great day!