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Biggest point of conflict today might be the Gemini Moon’s square to Uranus, happening in the 6 PM hour Pacific time. This seems to say ‘Shocking News’ to me, but could be something more subtle, a shift of the psychic ground that leaves us at the least surprised, at the most scrambling to re-assemble our world. If transiting Uranus is currently aspecting anything in the natal chart, look to the natal energy for clues to the area of potential shock, and also note matters of Uranus’ natal House, House of transiting Moon, and House with Aquarius on the cusp; some or all might blend to indicate possibilities.

Otherwise it seems we see more of the same, though Juno opposed and Ceres sextile Zeus does suggest that some will be caught up in a power struggle that remains largely unseen and not addressed. The sextile makes us think we can live with this tense yet pseudo-civil condition indefinitely, but we might be better off to plan an end to it. Vesta’s trine to Pluto says this is the time to transform those things that are important to us, and certainly enjoying a truly peaceful existence would be one of them–right now we should at least think about how to approach resolving the tension in our under-the-table tug-of-war.

If you’re interested in the Tudor dynasty, natal chart interceptions, the asteroid Zeus, or forecasts for the coming three months (including notes for New and Full Moons that are only in the magazine) try ‘Eclipse’ http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/eclipse-in-depth-astrology-for-the-21st-century/

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