The Moon’s Void began at 10:33 PM on the 26th PST, and doesn’t end until its entry into Cancer at 6:01 AM PST on the 27th. This gives us a large span of time when we are, in a sense, free: to sleep without dreams, to move through our day unburdened, to be without the weight of emotion. The Void allows this as, without contact, the Moon has nothing to reflect back to us, and so loses its psychic light. It can be a time of rest and renewal, especially on a mental plane, as we are allowed to just exist, with little of the emotional texture that typically can agitate, torment, trouble, sadden, or bring longing or joy forward. Without the imposition of emotion, our minds can reach a state of balance and pure reason–a nice way to meet the day, if we can just allow it to happen. (This may be especially tough for those heavy with natal Moon energy, especially Moon or Sun in Cancer.)

Our Moon--Pic by NASA

The Moon soon trines Jupiter in Pisces, sextiles Vesta, and creates a T-square with Pluto and Saturn, basically presenting us with a dilemma involving the need for change and the status quo, and presenting us with options to handle it involving applying our values to group-thought or belief, use of an educational or religious practice or technique, or asking us to bring personal standards to a public forum. In any event, the problem we’re faced with seems more grim than it is, and we just need to assert our own highest values in finding an answer.

7:30 PM-ish PST the Moon quincunxes the Sun, bringing forward a point of evaluation, a mini-reckoning. This may ask us to review the day critically, and perhaps adjust our emotional reactions to the day’s events.

The real focus of today, though, is Mercury. He is essentially by his lonesome, in terms of major planetary contact. He may garner a lot of our attention, a lot of feeling, without our awareness, as the Cancer Moon may look for a place to light, and with Mercury ‘unattended’ by major energies the feeling Moon and the need to communicate may relate, in that way that we may associate two things because they are there, putting them together in our perceptions for no real reason. Merc has only a couple of other aspects: a sextile to Pallas and a T-square with Juno and Zeus (this will be filled in as a Grand Cross briefly by the transiting Moon, but not until 4 AM PST on the 28th, and this should bring a genuine sense of feeling related to communication to the fore.) The sextile to Pallas says with a little effort we can connect to wisdom–that’s good news!–but that power struggles may gum up communication and other Mercurial exchanges. It becomes a situation where we know what to do, or what we want to say or communicate, but there’s so much posturing, jockeying for position, or so many attempts to grab empowerment or reach ambitious goals that the message will not be delivered. The task is really to take advantage of the ability to know clearly our own position on things, and then to wait for a more advantageous time to present it; and of course, it helps if we aren’t victims of those urges to power ourselves.

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